The beginning of a new year is the start of many resolutions and new goals , but I decided to add to my personal list, a few Infobarrel goals...

1. Earn an income from writing articles...duh!

Of course, I would like to be able to earn passive income for the first month, my monetary goal is $50. Eventually though, I would like to earn $5000 every month. As a college student trying to maintain a social life with a part time job and constantly trying to make money from other internet jobs, it would be hard to crank out so many stories a day, I've read a few articles about earning thousands from this site and I believe it is possible! I would just have to get so many views per article right? If I could write atleast 5 articles a day for the rest of the year, I would need 14,900 page views daily per article written so 14,900 views /1,825 pages= 8views per article which would be about $5000!

2. Gain more experience as a writer

It would be hard to measure this goal, which is a critical rule for goal setting..but I believe with a few friendly comments by my readers I can figure it out. (plus my monthly earned income) lol. I plan on writing atleast 5 articles a day. As a new blogger and now info writer, I must be comfortable writing several articles a d day. Sure I could become burnt out by the constant writing, writing, writing, but I must remember my goals and why I even decided to embark on this journey in the first place... Anyone with me? :)

3. Get more traffic to my blogsite

I have a very (new) and growing blog. It is a blog about the latest fashion news, music, and other interesting tidbits. Just something for all my daily gossip fashion fanatics out there...

I'm also open to comments, emails, whatever, this is a learning experience for me! And feel free writing a few of your new years or infobarrel goals in the comments also!

I will be writing some February goals and update on January's goals soon! don't forget to checkout my blogsite! Thanks guys!