Did I achieve my February goals?



February certainly was an interesting ride here on Info Barrel! Like many of you, I felt the growing pains as we all adjusted to the new 2.0 format and the seemingly never ending bugs. And just when it seemed that things were calming down, Google decided to change it’s algorithm. That sent a lot of us into an earnings dive from which are now beginning to recover.

Once again, my younger daughter helped illustrate to me why I need to be at home. One evening before dinner she fractured her left wrist in a roller skating fall. On the way home from the radiology center at nine-fifteen at night, I started to stress over the fact that I had promised my friend I would sub for her in the preschool the next morning. It was my responsibility to get a sub for her that late at night. While the situation was resolved, the inner stress I felt was just what I used to feel when I worked full time and my daughter got sick. I did not like the feeling at all.

Reflecting on my days I the classroom as an elementary school teacher, I was reminded of the format for the “perfect” lesson plan. One component of the plan was called “Monitor and Adjust”. What that meant was, if the light bulbs aren’t glowing over your students heads as your lesson progresses, and they seem confused, change your approach and teach it differently.

You can say that I had to “monitor and adjust” my Info Barrel goals quite a bit this month.

My goals for February had nothing to do with the monthly contest. I have never participated in it, as I cannot compete to those who are writing around the clock. But after uploading my January niche, the new contest was announced and lo and behold, I was in first place!

I had a fire had been ignited in me!

It certainly helped me that some of Info Barrel’s most prolific writers were uploading very little, if any, new content. If any of them were, I would not have even tried to win the contest.

I abandoned the goals I had set for myself this month and I focused my writing efforts on three niches in which I am very familiar. Writing one thousand word articles on these topics was fairly easy for me, as it did not require me to do immense amounts of research. I could do a lot of writing while my kids were in school. What I did have to research provided invaluable information to me that I will use in the upcoming months.

While the contest is still going on as I type this, in all honesty, it did take its toll on me, my family and my house. As February progressed, I started to spend way too many nights staying up long past my bedtime. Subsequently, when the alarm went off at 5:30 for me to exercise (something I really do enjoy), I hit the alarm and went back to sleep.

Not exercising does change how I feel, which changes how I act. Even my teenager told me that she liked her mornings better when I exercised!

Even my twins saw that I was more distracted and it bothered them. They are accustomed to Mommy being there all the time. Towards the end of the month, I went back to the computer after dinner instead of after they went to bed. Even with Daddy all to themselves, they still wanted me. They started telling me how they couldn’t wait for the contest to be over!

Yes, I enjoyed having a goal, but I lost my sense of balance. Aiden of the Tower wrote about balance in a 5 Currencies post. This is the first time since I started working from home that I saw how too much time at “work” changed my life. And I did not like it.

While in many ways it was worth it, I do not see myself attempting a contest again in the near future. It is always good to challenge yourself, but something like this is not for me at this time.

Without further ado, here is a look at my February Goals and Accomplishments.

Write 40 articles for IB

I wrote 68 articles, including this one

Earn 31 points for the 90% rev share

I accomplished this and wrote my five holiday articles

Write four new Best-Reviewer lists

I wrote two

Write three blog posts for my new blog

I wrote three and Classicalgeek gave me four links to her related. Two went up this month and two are scheduled for March

Write three new post for my Girl Scout blog

I wrote four and one for March scheduled to upload

Update four Info Barrel articles

That didn’t happen!

Write ten new Hubs, most based on my newest articles for IB

I wrote four.

One additional thing that I did that as not on my February list was setting up a blog to house my Judaic articles. It is not for pay, but it is a resource for those needing one.


What does March have in store for me?

Quite honestly, I am burnt out. My March goals are going to be modest because of how I am feeling. I need time away from writing to get other things done that I have neglected, as well as take on some other projects around my home. I have PTA commitments and two Girl Scout meetings to plan.

I have a lead on an online marketing job. My friend’s husband wrote a book and needs someone to market it, and he has asked me to take on this task. I will be speaking to him and working out details. If it is to my liking, I will gladly take this on.

I also would like to start writing on Phil’s Very Special Women website.

My March goals are:

Write enough articles to get 31 points and the 90% revenue share

Add three more posts to my Girl Scout blog

Add three more posts to my Saving Money Makes Sense blog

Tweak my articles that have gotten lost in Google’s latest change

Anything else will be just gravy.

There you have it. I wish you all much success this month!