The Challenge For Infobarrel

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The Challenge

I have been apart of infobarrel for a little over a month now. It has so far been a great experience. I originally found the site from a the smart passive income blog.

It was a podcast about passive income and it mentioned infobarrel as a great place to start. That is how I found the website.

So far I have written 27 articles, not including this one and I wanted to try something different then writing the same articles over and over.

I thought it would be really exciting to chronicle my experiences here and the people I meet. Also, I want to keep everyone up to date with the articles I write, the number I write, and the amount of money I make.

I have never wrote online or made money online before. This is the perfect way for all of us to see what it is like for a newcomer on infobarrel.

The challenge will be to create a sizable income from infobarrel and receive a payouts monthly.

I will also try to figure out how to make money through amazon and chitika and record that for everyone as well.


Here is a layout of what I will be writing about and what I will be judging the challenge on.

  • Articles - I will keep everyone updated on how many articles I have written and what they are about. I will attempt to keep up a pace on the articles so that there is at least 1 to 2 articles a day including these updates.
  • Updates - I will make sure that there are many weekly update articles so everyone can keep up with how things are going.
  • Adsense - In every update there will be an Adsense report.
  • Amazon - There will be an amazon report included.
  • Chitika - I will keep a chitika report as well.

Hopefully this will be a learning tool for everyone but most of all me. If I document my situation, then we all will be able to see what works and what doesn't.

First Report

Since this is the first report I am doing, the time between my first article and the last article in this report will be larger than normal.

As of March 28th, which was when I published my first article called What Is Drama, I have posted 27 articles.

The articles that I have posted have had decent results. Out of the 27 articles I have written, the 3 that have the most traffic have been:

How To Pick The Best Season For Camping - This article has received 100 views and was published on 10th of April. It has 2 comments which one of them was my reply to the first one.

How To Pick The Right Camping Shoe - This article comes in second at 49 views since was published on April 11th. No comments as of yet.

3 Things To Avoid When Saving Money On Cheap Wedding Cakes - This is in last place with 40 views and was published on March 28th. There are no comments.

How I Got These Views

The first thing I always do is go to and post the article. But, that hardly ever produces anything for me so I don't know why I do it.

That probably is a good tip. Don't waste time on social sites that are not working for you.

After that, I go right to and post there. I have had the best results there. I will say this, some times I get nothing from posting there. Maybe 2 or 3 views most of the time but on the above articles, 90% of the traffic came from stumble.

The rest of the traffic for the above articles came from the search engines. Most of them came from people finding infobarrel and then finding the articles.

I assume that once they get to the site they search for what ever or see an article on the new article list and then click on it.

Here is a good article to check out by the admin of infobarrel called Stumble Your Way To More Traffic.

Adsense Report

I started a channel for infobarrel in my Adsense account on April 7th so I am missing some of the beginning traffic but not much.

Since April 7th, there has been 215 page impressions and no clicks. I have made mysteriously $.02 from this with no clicks but I assume that has something to do with Adsense adjustments and weird payouts from the advertising companies.

I am happy about the page impressions but the results with clicks so far are not much. It equals out to be about 30 impressions per day and that is just not enough to make any money.

It would seem that 30 impressions a day are just not enough get any clicks (I will try to give a percentage increase and decrease as the updates come.)

Amazon Report

So far I have not received anything from Amazon and I do think I have received any clicks from this.

I am sorry that there is not more on this report but I will try to figure out some things that I can do to get better results. Maybe some product reviews will work.

Chitika Report

Since April 7th, I have had 205 page impressions and no clicks. I am new with chitika and don't know much about it.

I actually started the account because of the suggestion to link your account I.D. on the my account page.

The chitika ads are right under the "More From The Author" box on the right hand side of the page about midway down. Just thought you might want to know where it was.

There is more information that chitika gives you about channels but I am not at a level with them to worry about it.

Setting Up URL Channels In Adsense

One tip I have learned and I am going to start doing this with each of my articles is making a channel for each one I publish.You can track your articles and how they do through Adsense instead of just tracking the overall performance of your articles.

Adsense only allows you to create 200 channels so once you write that many articles or use 200 all together, you will be out of luck. But, that should work for us now. 2o0 articles seem awhile away.

Anyways, I like this article by ramsaywebs called Set Up An Adsense URL Channel. This will run you through setting up a channel.

As I was thinking about google Adsense, I realized that if you were like me when I first started, I had no idea how to start using google Adsense at all.

The first thing you need to do is get a publisher I.D. Here is another great article by the admin called How To Get A Google Adsense Publisher I.D.

End Of First Report

Well, it is not the most exciting report but we all have to start somewhere. And I can say that it actually makes me feel better to tell this to someone.

Hopefully this will be helpful in some way.

Here are a few things that I think you should take from the article.

  • My Infobarrel Challenge - I will be reporting on what I write and carry out here on infobarrel.
  • Social Bookmarking - Don't waste time on social bookmarking sites that are not producing any traffic for you.
  • - Check out the admin post on Stumbleupon here. 
  • Getting A Google Adsense account and a Publisher I.D. - Learn how to create a google Adsense account and get your publisher I.D. to start earning money on infobarrel. Check out the link above.

Please let me know if you have anymore tips for people starting on infobarrel. Post them below if you would like.

Thanks and I hope this has peaked your intrest. I know it will get more interesting in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead.