The end of May marks the end of my first full month on Infobarrel. With that, now is an excellent time to share my experiences of using Infobarrel to those who are thinking of doing the same:

- I've committed to writing 50 articles on Infobarrel to give me time to see if Infobarrel is right for me. So far I've enjoyed writing the articles (this will be my 19th Infobarrel article) and find that when I'm in the right zone I can write 3 or even 4 articles within one hour. All I need to work on now is making the gaps between getting into the writing zone smaller. One thing I have really struggled with is generating backlinks. This isn't fun for me but it is necessary to gain traffic. To generate backlinks I've been using Digg, GoArticles and Hubpages.

- One disappointing fact is that my Infobarrel earnings were greater in April in just 2 weeks than my Infobarrel earnings have been in the entire month of May. Whilst this is disappointing I think my earnings in the first month were a bit of a fluke, and think it will take some time for my articles to mature and gain some regular clicks. Although it's hard not to think about the money, my goal for now is to push forward towards having 50 articles.

- On good thing which has happened this month is that I was granted instant publisher authority by Infobarel. This happened after I wrote my 12th article and means my articles are put live on Infobarel immediately, and are thus immediately able to contribute to my Infobarrel earnings. Prior to my 12th article it would sometimes take almost two days before my articles were approved and published.

For the month of May my earnings have been in the sub $1 range for each 10-day period of the month. I hope I can break through this low barrier soon. I have not been doing much SEO and am wondering if this is affecting my Infobarrel earnings. In general I just pick topics that pop into my head. What this seems to mean is that I can write lots of articles in a very short space of time but that those articles will probably earn me less money because of doing no keyword research, SEO, word density etc. My plan for the near future is to keep writing based on whatever pops into my head, then, after a period of time examine which articles are contributing most to my infobarrel earnings and write more on these topics which are doing best to boost my Infobarrel earnings. I'm calling this my strategy of "backing winners".

As I mentioned in my post where I outlined my Infobarrel goals, I'll be back next month to post another update on my Infobarrel earnings.