Executive Summary: Earnings: Up, Page Impressions: Down

The end of June marks the end of my second month full month writing articles on Infobarrel. As promised in my infobarrel earnings for May report, here is an update for June. Those of you who read that article will remember that my aim is to get to 50 articles on Infobarrel and report my findings and experiences at the end of each month as I progress towards this target. This should give me plenty of time to see if Infobarrel is right for me. If it is, then obviously I'll continue to write for Infobarrel.

In June I wrote another 8 articles on Infobarrel bringing my total number of articles up to 27, so just another 23 to go before my Infobarrel experiment is complete. At this rate I should get to 50 articles before the end of September.

As outlined in the executive summary above, page impressions (according to Google Adsense) we're down in June. In fact, they we're down by 22% from May. I can only speculate as to why this might be. My thinking is that it's probably taking time for my articles to mature before any consistent traffic will be sent to them by the search engines. Also, my traffic is very low so its normal to expect big fluctuations from such a low base.

Despite traffic being down in June my earnings we're actually slightly higher than in May. Having said that, my earnings we're still under $1 per 10 day period of the month. I obviously hope that this will change for the better soon.

So, on the face of it some pretty poor results. What I've been asking myself is what can I do to get better? Here is my plan:

- I will post an article on the Infobarrel forum to see if any of the more successful people around here can make some recommendations as to what I could be doing better. After all, asking questions is what the forum is there for.

- I will persist until I get to 50 articles. I think it's only fair to continue posting articles until I get to my target. My reasoning for this is based on a blog that I run. This blog earns a good income each month – enough to pay my mortgage. However, it took over a year before I earnt anything with the blog, so maybe it's the same with Infobarrel - it just takes time to earn regular and consistent income.

There you have it. I'll be back again next month to post my latest results and let you know if any useful suggestions came back from the Infobarrel forum.