Recently I have made a goal for myself on Infobarrel. Infobarrel is a revenue sharing article website, were users can write articles and earn 75% of the Adsense revenue created.


Many people who make money on Infobarrel, set goals, and in this article, I will share with you my earnings goals and achievements on Infobarrel.


My Earnings Goal

My goal for earnings is to make 100 dollars a month in passive income, meaning that I want to earn 100 dollars a month without lifting a finger.  This is a have high goal, that I am already close to achieving. I make around 10 dollars a month in passive income, from a combination of Amazon and Google Ads. On months that I am active, I earn more. When I work online, I can earn a lot of money but my goal is to earn money when I am not online. In order to earn 100 dollars a month in passive income, I feel that I need at least 500 articles. These 500 articles will generate at least 20 cents in passive income every month. I have close to about 200 articles right now and it is my goal that by the end of 2014 I will have 500+ articles.  On top of this, I hope to build links going to my articles. I need about 10-50 links per article. This means that I need to write about 3 articles a week until 2014. I also need to build 20 links every week to. This is a pretty big responsibility, one that may be very difficult considering by busy schedule.

How I Will Get There

I have a strategy to get to my goal. My first plan is to write write write! During certain months of the year, I will crank out tons of articles and hopefully win the Infobarrel contest. I hope to win the contests, 2 times a year. By participating in the contest and winning, I can make a ton of great articles, and make a little money while doing it. I estimate that I need at least 30, 1,000 word articles and 20, 800 word articles to win or place in the contest. Depending on the month I may need more. In conjunction with that, I plan on getting 5 articles featured a year. By getting an article featured on the front page of Infobarrel, I can gain exposure and traffic. Getting at least 5 articles featured will help them build up a better ranking in Google and more traffic which results in more ad revenue.  I will also need to actively build links. To do this I will devote one day a week to just building links. Starting from the first article that I have ever wrote, I will slowly build links in the hopes of getting a better ranking in search engines.

   The final thing I will do is start a small ad campaign. When I write an article about any electronic device, I will start a short 1 month 10 dollar ad campaign in the hopes of getting views.


Where I Am At Right Now

Right now like I said earlier in this article, I am earning around 10 dollars in passive income from Infobarrel, I am earning another 10-20 from Webanswers. On Infobarrel, as of right now I will place in the Infobarrel contest. I am writing this as the contest is ending and as it looks, I will place either 1st 2nd or 3rd. This will net me at least 25 dollars. I have written over 150 articles to date, and have yet to have an article featured on the front page. I have made to date a 100 dollar ad campaign that is slowly starting to pay off. I will in the future, be expanding that campaign.



In conclusion, hopefully I can reach my goal within the next 2 years. At the pace I am going at I may be able to reach my goal within 1 year.  I write about 1 article every 7 days on average since I first made an account here, and recently I have written over 10 articles in 7 days. If I continue at a similar pace I should be able to reach 500 articles by sometime in October 2013.