After my first full month on Infobarrel, I thought it would be useful to analyse my earnings so far. I hope this will help keep me motivated. I joined Infobarrel on 12th of June so to start I'll have a quick look at my June earnings as well.

My Infobarrel Earnings For June

I only published 2 articles at the very end of June (28th & 29th June). As a result, my Infobarrel earnings were very low. These two articles received 20 views on the 30th of June but received no clicks so my earnings were £0.01. Although it wasn't much, this did make me realise the potential to make money writing articles.

My Infobarrel Earnings For July

During August, I published 7 new articles. Adsense recorded 339 views and 3 clicks resulting in adsense earnings of £1.17. I made no earnings from Chitika or Amazon Associates.

My article Healthy Barbeque Foods was a featured article in July which has given my views a boost. This article received 179 views and received all 3 clicks. My earnings from this article alone were £1.15.

My earning articles for July were:

  1. Healthy Barbeque Food (£1.15)
  2. Unique Toilet Designs To Suit Your Character (£0.02)

None of my other 7 articles have made any money so far.

My top 5 articles with the most page views for July were:

  1. Healthy Barbeque Food
  2. Brussels Waffles
  3. Belgiums Claim To Fame
  4. Eurostar Loyalty Programmes: A Comparison
  5. Free Solar Panels To Generate Electricity For Your Home

Outlook for August

Being new to online article writing, I have a lot to learn about keywords and SEO. Although I think I have made some improvements, it seems there is still a lot to learn. So in August I'll keep reading up on this.

I made the mistake in July of not setting myself any targets. This has meant that I lacked some motivation and I didn't really write many articles. In July, I wrote 2 articles at the very beginning and 5 at the very end which isn't very consistent. For August, I'll be trying to write more consistently. I've set myself a target of 10 articles for August so I should be writing 2 to 3 articles per week. 10 articles may not seem a lot but considering I've got a full-time job with long hours, I often lack the energy in the evening to sit down and start writing. I hope to be able to set higher targets over the next few months.

I hope to become pre-approved during August as well. I currently have 9 articles so another 10 should definitely help me get pre-approved. Being pre-approved will mean I can get google Analytics. I'm really looking forward to this as I'll be able to know which my referring keywords are.

So far I've written about whatever jumped to mind and sometimes I'm finding it a struggle to come up with a topic.  From now on I'll be trying a few software programmes to help me identify the best keywords for my articles and I hope these will at least partly solve my issue of coming up with ideas.

For August, I will also be making a conscious effort for the contest. My 10 articles should give me plenty of points to get the adsense share increase. I'll be trying to write 5 of my 10 articles on the contest subject as I'm aiming for the 90% adsense share.

My long-term goal is to make the £60 adsense payout limit. I hope to start making some Amazon and Chitika earnings soon as well.