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“Ready, aim, fire” is the motto I’ve embraced as I begin my skeptical journey into article writing for the revenue sharing website 

I’ve spent literally hundreds of hours researching, reading, and listening to the “top” Internet marketing gurus in the world as they emphasize how easy it is to make money online.  I fell into the trap, spending hundreds of dollars on software and courses in an attempt to create a website that would generate thousands of dollars per month.   Despite many mistakes and hardships, I haven’t given up; however, I have possibly found a solution to my problem without all of the stress and costs.  The answer is article writing for


InfoBarrel is a revenue sharing website that publishes unique articles written by authors, with revenue generated from the articles being shared between InfoBarrel and the author.  Submitted articles should be more than 400 words and must be unique and cannot be listed anywhere else on the Internet.  InfoBarrel editors review submitted content before publishing to the site to ensure that quality articles are being published.


The author gets paid based on the number of visitor clicks on advertisements placed on the page where the article is published.  Obviously, the more clicks an article receives, the more income the author generates.


Make Money with InfoBarrel(59963)

The first mistake I made when I signed up for InfoBarrel was attempting to rewrite an older article of mine that had been published on another site.  I assumed that as long as a majority of the article was unique then I’d have no problem getting published.  I was quickly denied.  This made me realize that any article submitted must be truly unique.  This is actually a good thing as unique and quality content will help Infobarrel rankings improve and therefore could lead to a better pay day for all writers involved.


There are overwhelming amounts of information flooding the Internet regarding making money online.  Instead of taking action, I’ve been paralyzing myself by analyzing way too much information.  It’s time to put the skepticism and laziness behind me as I take action and begin creating genuine, quality content.  Although money is a motivating factor, helping people can be more fulfilling and lead to a better payday.  I’ll be posting monthly updates of my progress, so be sure to sign up for my RSS feed at    

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Make Money with InfoBarrel(59963)