I've only been using Infobarrel for a few weeks but several factors have convinced me to dedicate more time to it in an attempt to grow the income I earn outside of my job:

- I've now made my first money from Infobarrel via Adsense

- I've been reading some inspiring Infobarrel success stories on the Infobarrel forum

- I'm always being told I have a lot to say. This is true. I'm always thinking of things I want to blog about but unfortunately my main blog isn't the right place as it's based around a niche topic. Because of this Infobarrel gives me the perfect outlet for all my other thoughts, musings, and ramblings.

For these three reasons I've decided to commit more time to Infobarrel as I believe it has great potential. I've already published my Infobarrel first impressions. I'm a firm believer that if you want to achieve anything in life then you need to set goals. In fact, there is a very famous study published in 1953 from Yale university found that the 3% of students who had written down their goals had more wealth 10 years later than the other 97% combined.

With this in mind I've decided to write down some short term goals for Infobarrel:

- Write 100 articles

- Build a regular income of $50 per month

- Write down my what I learn along the way

- Publish progress each month

My aim is to achieve these goals before the end of the year. The first two bullets are either / or options – either I will get to 100 articles or I will get to $50 per month. If I achieve either of these goals then it will be time to sit down and come up with some new goals. Certainly, if I can achieve the goal of earning $50 per month then it will be time for some bigger and more ambitious goals.

The goal of writing down what I learn along the way is to allow me to get better results as my experience grows – what you measure, you can improve. Think of this as my way of going from a machine gun approach of selecting article topics towards a laser focussed approach.

Finally, I plan to report on my progress each month so that I can look back at the end of the year and see how far I've come and also so that I can share anything I learn along the way.

To some of you these goals may seem quite small. I know that some of you are writing 100 plus articles per month. I haven't got the available time to commit to that right now, and it's too early for me to have seen any real results from infobarrel, which is why I think the correct approach for me at this time is to set some readily achievable goals and to give infobarrel some time to demonstrate its worth to me too.