If August was an emotional roller coaster for my family and me, then September has to come in a close second. While I know back to school is always a busy time, I incorrectly assumed that I would be able to find time for my writing once my three children were back in school all day.

You know that expression that G-d laughs when you’re making plans?

During the Labor Day weekend, my son made a homemade waterslide in our backyard for him and his twin sister to play on. My younger daughter went down on her belly and jammed her hand into the ground. An emergency room visit later, it was discovered that she had broken her finger. Fortunately for her, it was her left hand and she uses her right one for writing.

And if that drama was not enough, my family had more. My son has had issues with breathing on and off since he was an infant. We have monitored the situation closely, and during a visit to the allergist, it was discovered that not only had his adenoids and tonsils enlarged, but he also has asthma.

His other breathing medications have always been costly, but they did not have to be used on a daily basis, possibly for the rest of his life. After filling his prescription and finding out the cost I became quite upset.

But a new fire had now been lit within me.

I will not get on my soapbox about the American healthcare system. The cost of his medicine is beyond outrageous, but I will not worry about it. I have simply set my earning goals for Info Barrel even higher. If you have followed my writing series about my yearly goals, you know I don’t sit and whine about life. If there is a problem, I actively tackle it.

In fact, I spent the first week of school tackling a problem that has bothered me for years in my children‘s elementary school. Without getting into too much detail, let’s just say I fought authority and this time I won. Parents are their children’s advocates. The issue I finally resolved had been around for a while, yet no other mothers thought it was important enough to address. The other moms thanked me for finally getting it resolved. They had not taken the lead because they were too afraid to rock the boat.

In order to focus more on my writing, I did resign from two of the three PTA committees in which I was involved. It’s not that I won’t be helping out; I will be at every school event volunteering my time. It’s just that I can no longer be behind the scenes on three different committees. I have chosen to spend more of my volunteer time working with a different charitable organization, one that helps and supports our military and their families. I spent a good part of my summer and this past month getting donations for a golf outing fundraiser my husband is helping to organize. Presently, my foyer is filled with items that I need to put in baskets and wrap as soon as this article is completed.

One PTA volunteer job that I am now doing, but I did not sign up for, is to once again be the head room mother for my son’s class. Just like last year, only one mother volunteered and there needs to be two. I received a phone call from the PTA and was asked to fill this position. Having been a an elementary school teacher, I know how vital it is to have one or two moms in charge. And I would never say no to something this important that directly affects one of my children.

After a three month break, I had forgotten how much time it takes to plan my Sunday school lessons and my Girl Scout meetings. I try not to repeat the same things every year in Sunday School, because it’s quite boring for me if I do. While I don’t try to reinvent the wheel, I do like to try different things with my classes.

Planning Girl Scout meetings falls squarely on my shoulders. Even though I have the year mapped out, getting the materials and planning our meeting still takes time away from my writing. And in the beginning of the year, I’m hunting down parents for permission forms and Troop dues. My first meeting this week, I still do not have everyone’s forms and money! My constant reminders, even those face-to-face, still have not gotten me when I need.

I lost the entire last week of September due to the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah. There was a lot of cooking and cleaning to do. I am the one who carries on all of the family traditions, and all the holidays take place in my home. It is a big responsibility, but one that I do enjoy.

So did I accomplish my September Infobarrel goals?

I will write thirty-one points worth of articles for the ninety per cent revenue share

I wrote and earned thirty-two points.

In my small pockets of time, I will add even more media to my articles

I added media to a few, and removed media from others.

I even manged to write one Hub on Hubapges! 

What are my Info Barrel goals for October?

This mommy is tired and needs a break. But I’m not taking one! Now that the beginning of the school year meetings are over, and my family is now in somewhat of a routine, I can once again shift my focus on my writing.

I would love to say that I will be working on my website, but I would just be deluding myself. That project is going to have to wait until the new year.

I am enjoying the new contest on Info Barrel. I like the list of articles the administrators want written. My focus last month was to write five 1000 word articles for the contest, leaving me with only my goals article and one other article for one point.

This month my goals are:

To write 31 points worth of articles, with at least five being featured ones for the 90% revenue share

That’s it! Have a great month and keep on writing!