Increasing InfoBarrel Adsense earnings and other improvements

Writing articles again for InfoBarrel after Google's Panda update

I’ll say that one of the greatest enemies of our lives is procrastination. Yes, it is. In fact, it’s a killer of dreams. You might be scratching your heads with the question “what is this guy talking about?” Well, please spare me a little of your precious time to explain and tell my Infobarrel story also.

I’ve been a member of Infobarrel for about 1 year and 2 months now. I’ve been introduced to Infobarrel by someone from an online forum. He said that this site is the best article directory platform there is in terms of revenue-sharing and the camaraderie fostered amongst the members of Infobarrel – he was right on the spot on this. As you all know, we can earn a decent income online through Infobarrel with Google Adsense, Amazon, and Chitika.

I already have an Adsense account a year or two before so I was quite intrigued and excited to start writing some articles for Infobarrel and earn additional Adsense cash. I immediately uploaded my previously written articles and these were approved in due time. Every once in a while I wrote one or two articles every other day or so to add to my article portfolio. I even set a target for me to rank among the top five writers of Infobarrel before 2011 arrives. But then BANG! 2011 came and my interest was dead. There it was – procrastination – announcing that it has arrived. Some of the reasons that killed my enthusiasm were: 1) The Adsense earnings were as slow in coming as the time it takes for rice to grow and be good for harvest. 2) I just can’t maintain the momentum of writing articles for Infobarrel while my offline work keeps bugging me to shower more attention to her, and 3) Procrastination just set in – pure and simple.

The last article that I have written was published in August of 2010. After that I left my article portfolio to gather dust. Now, the reason that I wrote this article was that I noticed some significant changes in my Google Adsense earnings and the number of views per day my articles were getting AFTER the latest changes in the Google search engine algorithm in February of 2011. I don’t know what Google has been doing but the Adsense earnings of my articles rose from about $3 every month, to about $20 on average starting from February to this month, the thing that's surprising is that I did not do keyword research for about 65% of the articles I’ve written. And if you notice, it’s only the 2nd week of March. My article total views or page impressions have increased also to more than a hundred daily – a far cry from an average of less than 10 views daily before February 2011.

Now, my favorite phrase is – if only, if only, I continued writing, did this, did that blah, blah.. I could have shared with the successes of jcmayer777, chezfat, x3xsolxdierx3x, and many others. Congratulations guys, you truly deserved it. After the dust of the latest Google algorithm change settles, some lessons need to be learned, not just by me but by all Infobarrel writers who are still trying to make things work. This is my list of what these lessons or learnings are – well let’s just name these as 2d0k’s tips! Lol.

2d0k’s Learnings

1) Always do keyword research before writing every article.

2) Let your articles age. The older your articles, the higher they will climb in the SERPs.

3) Write 1 or 2 articles daily, or if time allows (take it from me – the procrastinator. Ey, I’ve learned my lessons.)

4) Continue learning SEO.

5) Heed the advice of the Forbes’ list, err Infobarrel’s list of successful people.

6) Make writing a hobby more than a work.

7) And the last, but not the least, never again procrastinate (Did that come from me? Haha.)

Tomorrow, I’ll try to meet with my friends again, Mr. Market Samurai, Mr. Google Adwords Keyword, and Mr. Wordtracker. We’ll discuss keywords over a cup of coffee.