Once again the BCS has failed college football. Division one college football needs a playoff. Period.

The Boise State Texas Christian game should be the best match up. The problem is the BCS chose to pit BSU and TCU together. Boise State and TCU should win regardless of who they were matched up with. Unfortuantely the BCS chose to but the two non BCS schools together in a BCS game. If the BCS had not done this then more than likely BSU and TCU would of both won their games. When 2 non BCS schools win a BCS bowl game in the same year then the thin veil of the BCS would begin to crack and then shatter.

The BCS supporters (Mainly The BCS Conferences) could no longer shout that little schools such as Boise and TCU do not belong in BCS bowls.

Here's some initial thoughts on the 2009 BCS Bowls.

TCU would beat Texas any day. Unfortunately the BCS committee will not allow that too happen.

The BCS has proved once again that the BCS is only out for making money. They do not give a damn about the purity of College Sports.

TCU deserved to be in the so called national Championship game. They would of stomped Alabama.

Speaking of Alabama...Cincinnati should have been in Alabamas place.

TCU deserves to be in the National Championship game. I know I said that already but it deserves repeating. Texas Christian University deserves to be in the National Championship game. No matter what TCU did they stood no chance of being selected for the National Championship game even though they deserved it.

Even though TCU deserves to be in the National Championship game I am picking Boise as the favored team to win in this game. It will be close. Last years bowl game also feature TCU and Boise. TCU beat Boise State 17-16. It was evenly matched. This year they are also evenly matched. If TCU and Boise are evenly matched and TCU deserves to be in the National Championship game then Boise also deserves to be in the national championship game. If Boise deserves to be in the national championship game then so does Cincinnati. If Cincinnatideserves to be in the...(yadda yadda yadda)

College Football Cheerleaders

This goes to show why a play off for division one football is needed. Can you imagine if the national champion for college basketball was selected by the BCS committee. It would be a huge joke. Just like the BCS is for college football.

The BCS placed two mid major teams (Boise and TCU) together to play each other because theBCS is full of cowards who did not want two of their "Big Schools" to loose against lowly TCU and Boise.

People wanted to see a match up of say, Boise vs Cincinnati and TCU vs Florida. BCS knows what people want but it only matters to the BCS what the BCS wants. What the BCS wants is money. Money. Money. We need to pull the troops out of Iraq and send them to the homes of the BCS committee to forcefully take away their BCS BS power. Yes, the BCS is BS.

Boise and TCU are the BCS crashers. They both crashed the BCS bowls. To retaliate the BCS placed Boise and TCU in the same game. I have lost any respect I may have had for the BCS. By the BCS not allowing Boise and TCU to play BCS schools in the BCS bowls they show how corrupt they are. I am not exaggerating. The BCS is corrupt.

Over the next week I will break down all of the big bowl games. For now I am steaming and over the BCS committee. As a Boise State Fan I wish they would of lost so the BCS would have been forced to have TCU play a big boy and whoop their butt. Non BCS schools are 3-1 in BCS bowl games. After this year the Non BCS schools will have a record of 4-2. If the BCS had not chickened out then the non BCS schools would have had a record of 5-1. The BCS is only out for money and protecting their assets.

Here's a nugget of information for you. Did you know the NCAA does not recognize the winner of the National Championship game as a champion? It;s true. The NCAA will not recognize the winner of the Alabama vs Texas championship game as champions. I also will not recognize the winner of Alabama vs Texas as a national champion.

The BCS is a complete farce. It is time the President of the United States steps in and says "No More".

This week I will bring you many articles including how the teams should be seeded if we had an 8 team playoff. I will talk about how Boise State is in the right pick for the Fiesta bowl but they screwed TCU by also placing them in the Fiesta Bowl. By screwing TCU they also screwed BSU. The BCS will have more evil voodoo curses placed on them this year then they have ever received in the past.

I will also spend some time talking about some of the non BCS bowl games including the University of Idaho and Bowling Green. Bowling Green will walk all over Idaho.

Another interesting topic I will write about is how the former coach of Hawaii, June Jones, is returning to Hawaii for the Hawaii bowl as the coach of SMU. SMU is playing Nevada in Hawaii. Jones played quarterback in college for SMU. It will be interesting to see if the Hawaiian locals cheer for their former coach who helped lead Hawaii to a BCS bowl game but then left to coach for His alma mater or if the Hawaii fans will cheer for Nevada which is in the same conference as Hawaii(and Boise).

There is too much too cover this week but I will attempt to write about as much the college football match ups as I can.

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