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My January 2011 InfoBarrel Residual Income Report

This article has been generously donated to InfoBarrel for Charities.
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Another month has come to an end and I get the joy of reporting another significant improvement month over month in my overall earnings online.  Unlike in December where my overall earnings improved month-over-month but my InfoBarrel Income slipped slightly this month everything was up across the board and I had my biggest monthly gain in dollar terms ever.  Needless to say the wife and I are feeling pretty good as we are in the “nesting” phase before the baby comes.

As I reported in my December InfoBarrel Income Report I clocked in at $468.58 for the month which was down slightly from November but this month I saw an increase in my IB income of 23 percent  to $578.45 which is easily my best month here ever.

 This income still is the combination of only three sources as I have not yet added in any additional affiliate program monetization into the fold.  In the future I do plan on throwing a new affiliate program into a few of my IB articles giving me an additional income stream but for now it’s just the three.

Another thing to note is that I also get some income from affiliate commissions from The Keyword Academy (which I highly recommend to anyone serious about making money online) and although I have a few links to this affiliate program in some of my IB articles (this article included – see above) I do not count this as IB earnings.  For my own tracking I lump this into my main Chezfat blog earnings instead.

 Breaking Down My IB Income – January 2011

 Adsense - $428.47 (+36.7%)

Chitika - $86.31 (+31.7%)

Amazon - $63.67 (-29.0%)

Total IB Income - $578.45 (+23.4% month-over-month)

As you can see my Adsense and Chitika increased quite nicely month over month and my Amazon income fell.  This is mostly because of the switch between the holiday shopping season in December and the post holiday shopping season in January.  This was to be expected.

Thoughts on Adsense Earnings

Seeing as though most people are accustomed to making money with Adsense before they get involved with other forms of monetization, I feel it’s worth pointing this out.  During the month of January I barely focused on increasing my Adsense earnings on Infobarrel but they ended up increasing by roughly 37 percent month over month. 

This is not to gloat but to prove a point.  If you focus your efforts on building Adsense earnings only then your other monetization efforts will be slim.  If however you focus on monetizing your work through other programs such as Chitika, Amazon, or any other affiliate network you will start making headway in those forms of income but will also grow your Adsense income at the same time.

Another point to keep in mind is the January effect.  In the post holiday season of early January many advertisers are laying low.  Similarly many shoppers and internet browsers are laying low due to lingering vacations and “catching up” on things they neglected over the holiday season.  As such views and earnings are typically lower during this period although they slowly bounce back as January gets going full steam.

To illustrate this looking at my January Adsense earnings specifically I made $428.47 for the entire month of 31 days – this was an average of $13.82 per day.  But the first 16 days of the month I only saw earnings of $173.23 or $10.82 per day compared to the last 15 days of the month where I made $255.24 or $17.02 per day.  This suggests that February should be a much better month than January even if I take the month off, and say… go to Europe like my Pal AJ. :)

Making Money With Amazon The Affiliate Program

Despite this decline in Amazon earnings over the past month I did started a major push to improve my IB income from Amazon in January.  I began an open tutorial and case study on making money on InfoBarrel with Amazon regarding my freshly published article on travel coffee mugs.  This one article is my opus and it is my main focus on IB regarding Amazon. 

Even though my Amazon earnings were down for the month of January, this one article accounted for $26.33 in Amazon earnings this month.  Because it is so new and because it converts well I am continuing to market it and hope to get this single article earning at least a hundred per month in Amazon earnings by itself in the next month or two.

Most marketers make good money on Amazon by making niche websites targeted around an Amazon product or group of products and although I do this off IB I felt like showing that it is possible to do it on the IB platform as well.  My goal is to show that for those who don’t want to or can’t for some reason build their own sites that making money with Amazon on IB is entirely possible even in a short period of time.

Past Income & Thoughts For February

As always I will update my main InfoBarrel Earnings page with a short summary of this months earnings.  This page has a short summary of every month I’ve been on IB and may be nice to read through if you haven’t already.  You can also find the page on my profile page for handy reference.

For the month of February I’m going to continue building my revenue by marketing my main Amazon page and adding new content.  I need to attain 31 points at least so that will require at least 10 posts or so.  I will also be doing another Amazon experiment with another article and I plan on editing some of my older articles to improve their value to readers – as well as improve their monetization and internal linking.

I may go on a major publishing binge mid-month if I have the time.  Now that the new site design of this site has arrived I may also make some tweaks to better utilize the site.

Other than that I will continue to develop my earnings off the IB platform as I believe diversification is very important but I can’t emphasize enough how vital it is to include InfoBarrel into your publishing mix.  If you haven’t yet joined InfoBarrel I’d encourage you to do so today and get started building your financial future.  If you work hard and stick to it you can eventually pay the bills with this income – trust me; I’m almost there.



Feb 4, 2011 1:03am
Great job Chez, I love reading your progress and one of these days I have to try to do more with Amazon too - keep inspiring us:)
Feb 4, 2011 12:10pm
Thanks VC - as I said above by focusing on Amazon products in your articles you will naturally improve your Adsense and Chitika results - it's worth doing sooner rather than later.
Feb 4, 2011 1:41am
Wow, that is awesome. I can only dream of making that amount each month. I have been at this for about 9 months and I have made about $200.00 all together will different sites and ideas.

I love getting this information from other writers out there. It gives me hope and I don't want to give up.

Thank you so much for sharing!
Feb 4, 2011 12:12pm
rachsue - it's possible after doing this for nine months your lightbulb has to be flipping on soon. Read through some of my older posts on InfoBarrel earnings as well as some of my Infobarrel guides and get soem ideas. All you really have to do is find a super niche topic and write 15 posts on different aspects of it then link them all together contextually. It works. Thansk for your comments. :)
Feb 4, 2011 12:54pm
Great information Chez! Thanks for sharing. One question...you ever think about sharing all of your internet income information with the public? Like how many niche sites you have and how much you bring in from each and everything you do? Thanks again!
Feb 4, 2011 1:54pm
This comment has been deleted.
Feb 4, 2011 1:55pm
I've thought about it Mans but so far I have not done it. Mostly I share what I make on community sites like this but not on my personal sites.

IB is very public and I make good money here as you can see above - on my blog I've reported almost exactly what I make on sites like eHow and Xomba. I'm starting to build revenue on HubPages but honestly can't remember having said exactly what I make there. I might start if I want to build "street cred" there. The rev sharing bookmarks do add up to something small but decent but I haven't added them into my reporting mix.

Mostly I stay transparent on community sites to build some community with others and build authority in the eyes of others. It's a feel good thing I do and it makes me feel good to help others with advice and inspiration but it also does help me personally because when I recommend things (few and far between) people are more willing to listen if I am more transparent about what I do.

Mostly I gain financially by bringing people into the TKA fold and others are far more likely to give it a try if I'm transparent about how I use it. For me I use the program on my personal sites but also here on IB, which many other IB users can relate to - they can see (hopefully) how the program can benefit them. Keep in mind I don't promote it just because it pays me - I promote it because I believe in it and because I use it myself.

With personal sites I think that it's less necessary to be transparent than with sites like InfoBarrel - and like diversity in where your revenue comes from I also think diversity in your level of transparency is a good thing too. I make money from a good number of sites and from some sites where I don't share any info about them whatsoever.

I guess you could say that "Chezfat" is my public brand but I also maintain a private side as well for "diversification" purposes. :) Who knows, maybe one day I'll start sharing more of my personal sites.
Feb 7, 2011 3:00pm
I'd definitely be interested in seeing anything you'd be public about. It's most encouraging to know other people are doing it. I especially get a boost in the right direction from seeing real results. Thanks again!
Feb 9, 2011 4:07pm
check my blog for my recent post on Amazon - that's a very open case study I'm doing there and I hope it can help inspire and tech at the same time. In time I may share more info.. we'll see. :)
Feb 6, 2011 8:21am
Been reading everything I can find that you have posted:) and learned a lot.

I find that there are very few people willing to post truly helpful and useful information.

Great Job, the one lesson I have learned is you have to treat this as a business and not a hobby you can just dip in and out of.
Feb 7, 2011 12:19am
Thanks for the positive comments caroline - I couldn't have said it any better, treat this like a business and you will see good results in the future. Always think about where you want to be in 12 months and then go make it happen. I hope what I have to say helps and I look forward to learning from your experiences too... assuming you share them with all of us. :)
Feb 6, 2011 11:50pm
Thanks for sharing this information so freely. You are a great asset to the InfoBarrel community!
Feb 7, 2011 12:19am
You are more than welcome Deb! Thanks.
Feb 9, 2011 11:38am
I am new to the Infobarrel community and couldn't be more excited. I love reading posts like this. It will help me out immensely in the coming months!
Feb 9, 2011 4:08pm
Welcome! It excites me to see fresh faces you are excited about the possabilities. :) Good luck to you and make sure to get involved in the forums - you'll learn a lot.
Apr 27, 2011 10:58pm
This is so encouraging to me as a newbie who is wondering what the income potential really is. Thanks for your transparency and willingness to share what you are doing that works.
Apr 28, 2011 2:10am
You are welcome, good luck to you! I know from first hand experience that this works and if you stick to it you'll make some good money. It's hard to vision the future but work hard every month for 12 months and you will be so glad you did... just don't expect too much in your first couple months. Have realistic expectations and you'll go far.
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