Your don't know how much you depend on them until they start giving you pain.

In September of 2009 I noticed that I had pain in my right knee. I sort of shrugged it off thinking I must have twisted it or something, but after a couple of weeks, I noticed it was getting worse. I couldn't get up without using my arm to hoist me up by pushing off of something. Then i started limping terribly and felt like i needed to use crutches if ikept on. So i went to my doctor, the doctor ordered an xray and said he didn't see anything . He suggested an MRI which i put off due to my humongous deductible. After i got to where i could not stand the pain any longer (sometime in November) I decided to call the MRI imaging center and see if i could work something out.

They decided to let me do the MRI without the copay , very nice of them don't you think so? I had the MRI done, first they didn't have a Knee Coil (a moon shaped device they lay your knee into and then snap it closed on top) to fit my Habitus. (big leg) so they used of all things a Neck brace to do my MRI in. The lady says she hopes they get a good picture of my knee with it and hopes my doctor is satisfied with the images it takes. I sat still in that MRI while it Clicked and moaned for about 30 minutes , when it was done i was on my way. Check with the doctor in a few days.

I called and made an appointment with my doctor he gave me the news i had a torn meniscus (cartilage ) in my knee and needed surgery. So he sent me to an Orthopedic doctor to do a preop appt. I seen the Orthopedic doc and he schedules me for my surgery in two weeks. the usual stuff no eating , smoking , or drinking after midnight.

The surgery day came, my husband drove me to the surgery clinic and they first wanted money like always, you know how they always want the money up front.

They put me in a small room , told me to strip and put on a hairnet and gown, and wait for a guy to come in and ask me some questions. He asked me stuff like do i have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems...i said check , check and check.

This guy put in my IV, it was so awesome, it didn't hurt a bit, and i have had some stabbings before with IV's this guy was a pro! I didn't even as much as leave a bruise afterwards.

I sat in a recliner with my bag of antibiotics and saline solution, and waited for them to come and get me, they gave me some socks to keep my feet warm.

I went into the operating room hopped up on a table and they shoved an oxygen mask on my face and said "breathe deep" , that was all i remembered until i heard the nurse waking me up and telling me i was in the recovering room with an ice bag on my leg. I felt really good. I was hurting a little, but just a little. The nurse brought me some orange juice and i drank it, i guess they do this to see if your going to throw up, which i didn't so they brought me a walker and told me to get dressed. I almost fell over twice trying to get my clothes on. If you have to have this done. Wear a robe or a nightgown or both. Much easier than trying to get the loosest pants on.

Next, they wheeled me out to the car. My husband waiting while i hobbled my way into the car and sat down, talking his ear off and making him stop to get something to drink.

I got home, got out of the car and used my crutches to get into the house. This is no easy feat when you are 46 and fat, and out of shape. I just would put my toes on the ground and put all of my weight on my "good "knee.

after the first few days , i was doing a lot better, i kept the ice on my knee and the Air cast (this is like a brace you put on your knee that you hook to an igloo ice chest that fills with air and ice water and puts pressure on your knee like a blood pressure cuff) actually pretty amazing device and really was helpful in my recovery.

No baths, only showers , i would love to take a bath but can't get in and out of the tub without possibly falling. If i twist my leg to the left or right it is excruciating.

Night time, my leg jerks and i have shooting pains through it all day long. Feels like someone is stabbing me. I have been taking darvocet for the pain, it helps but it keeps me asleep all day long. I don't like that , being in bed all day.

First couple days, hubby got me stuff, then after that i started walking around more with my crutches. Then last week i walked with just one crutch, this week i am walking with no crutch but limping a good bit. I have been taking hot baths and soaking now, stretching out my leg the best i can. My calf of my leg is always stiff and sore, i did put my feet in one of those foot vibrators with heat the other night to try to relieve the stiffness.

The small incisions are almost healed and the bruising is almost gone now, but still pretty sore to touch it lightly , my leg is still a bit swollen around the knee and the bottom half of my knee.

I had a follow up with my Orthopedic doctor and he said i had A tear on each side of my knee not just one as he had thought by the MRI, so they fixed both sides. He said I can still walk on the crutches but better not be on them in three weeks when i go back to follow up.

The Orthopedic Doc wants to give me physical therapy, i was against it at first but now am beginning to feel i need it to loosen up my muscles in my leg.

I follow up in three weeks i will update my story at that time.