I recently had a kidney stone 5 months ago. It was my second. My first was in 2000. At that time, it started with intense pain in my lower back, then it got worse. I quickly went to the emergency room, almost crying in pain. I have never felt that kind of pain in my life. The pain increased over the next couple of hours, I could hardly stand it. I was in so much pain, that it actually made me vomit. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the doctor came in and gave me some drugs. Then I was sent to get an MRI on my lower torso. They found the kidney stone, and sent me home along with a very large bill, with the statement that it will pass on its own, and to drink alot of water. A few days later, it passed. I thought that was the most pain I would feel in my life....I was wrong.

This year in May, the same thing happened. I woke up feeling pain and nauseous. Then, it hit me hard. With in 5 minutes, I was on the ground groaning and writhing in pain. I was in so much pain I hardly knew where I was. I went to the Emergency Room, and didn't even feel the needle going in my vein, after two attempts, they proceeded to give me a mass amount of drugs. The doctor said it was almost to the limit of dosage, until finally I entered the world of babble and bliss. I didn't care, as long as I didn't have to feel that pain.

Two days later, with a stent surgically placed inside of me, and peeing blood, the kidney stone was still inside, and requiring a procedure of blasting the stone into tiny little pieces. This is called lithrotripsy. It is a method of crushing a kidney stone while it's still inside your body, without any incisions. It is a carefully directed shock wave that passes harmlessly through your body, hits the stone, causing it to break into sand-like particles. These particles can then pass easily out of your urinary tract.

Unfortunately, the equipment that was needed, was not available until 1 week later. If anyone has ever had a stent inside of their kidney, it is not a pleasant experience. In fact, it feels like you are getting stabbed in the kidney every time you go to the bathroom. One week later, the kidney stone was blasted into tiny pieces of sand, but the stent still remained for another week! One thing I didn't realize was when they put the stent inside of me, I was knocked out (anesthesia), but to take it out, I would be fully awake. I finally arrived at the day of removing the stent, nervous and hopeful it would be a fast procedure. It was about 2 minutes, but when the procedure was done, it felt like an eternity, and my insides being ripped out of me while I was awake. I hope never to go through this again. The doctor said drinking too much coke, dairy products and not enough water was the problem.

There are ways of passing the stone quickly, I wish at the time of my intense pain, I would have had these remedies. I was surprised at the amount of people who have had kidney stones. There has been an increase over the last 20 years of people experiencing kidney stones. Men seem to be the most likely to have them. I can attest to that. I hope I don't experience it again soon, however, I am told that I most definitely will.