The smell of fresh coffee in the morning can help you get out of bed and get a jump start on your busy day. Just as there are many varieties in coffee flavors, there seem to be almost as many designs and styles of coffee makers available today. Many people are looking for a coffee maker that doesn't bode all the bells and whistles and looking for one that just plain makes great tasting coffee. The Krups 4 cup coffee maker is becoming a very popular choice of coffee lovers worldwide, and at a reasonable price too.

If you are not familiar with the Krups name, it has been around for quite some time making durable and functional products for the kitchen. They manufacture coffee makers, espresso makers, blenders, toaster and sandwich ovens that can be found in most department stores and on the internet also. The Krups company has a reputation for designing quality kitchen products that last long and have a stylish appearance to them.

The Krups 4 cup coffee maker has many useful features such as their built in nylon filter that makes for fast coffee preparation in the mornings and completely stops the use for paper filters which will certainly save you money over time. The maker brews four cups of five ounce coffee at a time. It has a filter basket that swings out to make it simple to load your coffee into the maker with less mess.

Almost all of the Krups products come with a warranty of some form and the Krups 4 cup coffee maker certainly does.

It is available in black or white and weighs only four pounds which make sit a great gift idea that can be affordably shipped for a college student or newly engaged couple. It also has a water level indicator to show you exactly how much you will need and it brews it very fast.

This coffee maker may not be big in size, but the customers that have purchased it have very good remarks to say about it.

Many people are pleased with the compact size that doesn't take up a lot of their counter space, especially in smaller kitchens. It also has a reputation for lasting a very long time for such a small and affordable priced coffee maker.

The nice thing about buying even a small kitchen appliance such as a coffee maker form the Krups company is that you can easily find replacement parts and even tips of better tasting coffee on their website.

You can also spot some great deals on the Krups 4 cup coffee maker on the web, many are even gently used ones that you can find for around ten dollars. Buying the coffee maker brand new it retails for around fifty dollars but is commonly sold for around twenty dollars.

For larger families or for a coffee maker to be utilized in a work office, this may not be the best option as it only makes few cups. For a couple or single individual, this one is a great choice that lasts a long time and brews great tasting coffee.