A list of do follow backlink sites

An interesting post by Maryrecord in the Infobarrel forum listed 39 do follow backlinking sites that are useful in promoting your content. These sites are a mixture of link, article and blog sites. They all have the desirable "Do Follow" trait, which is actually the absence of "Nofollow" on their HTML links. Do Follow is a factor which allows web site ranking to be passed forward to a linked article thereby boosting the article's importance to search engines.

Since the data for such a list goes out of date fairly quickly, the sites must be rechecked on occasion. This article will undertake the task. As an Infobarrel author, you should be looking to establish articles referencing your Infobarrel content on high pagerank sites.

In the body of the reports below, there are several terms of note to the Infobarrel author. These are as follows:

Pagerank - a numeric score from 0 to 10 showing the relative importance given to the web site by Google. The higher the pagerank, the better the weight given to a link originating from that site. Google is 10/10. New web sites start at 0/10. While a 6/10 pagerank is not necessarily twice as good as a 3/10 pagerank, higher values are definitely better. There may be situations where higher pagerank sites are given higher value Adsense display units so viewer clicks may be more valuable. This value is periodically updated by Google with little fanfare. Pagerank appears to have little effect on search engine indexing as many articles on zero pagerank sites are fully indexed in Google and other search engines. Pagerank, however, does affect how high a particular page sorts in a list of similar search engine results for a given keyword.

Alexa - a numeric score assigned by a web site ranking service. Google.com is #1. Facebook is #2. Twitter is #9. Infobarrel is under 5000, (lower is better). According to Alexa, each site is ranked from 1 to some maximum. Similar to pagerank, the better web sites are more useful for backlinks. Like pagerank, a site at #100 is not twice as useful as #200. In fact, there may be little correlation for Alexa values and backlink usefulness at all. Regardless, it is theorized that Google maintains a similar list within their search engine infrastructure, (which is not available to the public). Infobarrel authors should check Alexa rankings but not put as much importance in the value as they do for pagerank.

Link - a flag indicating whether the web site requires whole articles greater than some minimum length or whether short links may be posted. A link is a reference to the target article on Infobarrel, with perhaps 50 to 200 words of description. This speeds the creation of your backlinks. Other web sites like Squidoo or Hubpages require that submitted content have sufficient numbers of words and/or modules, as does Infobarrel. There may be other quality requirements imposed by each site as well. Generally the article sites like Squidoo, Hubpages and Infobarrel produce better backlink scores than the link sites.

Revenue - an indication of whether the web site offers members opportunities to earn money. The money may be earned by viewer clicks on Adsense display units, (Infobarrel), total page impressions, (Redgage), a unique sharing system, (Squidoo) or other methods as defined by the web site administrators. It is up to the individual Infobarrel authors to determine which revenue opportunity best fits them.

Dead - an indication that the listed web site was not reachable or resulted in a holding page rather than a true backlink site when last checked.

Do Follow Backlink sites as suggested by Maryrecord in the Infobarrel forum
Sorted by Pagerank in decreasing importance then Alexa ranking in ascending order.
The variance from previous values will be added at a future date. Dead sites will be removed then as well.

Site Name Link? Revenue Pagerank Alexa
Squidoo.com   Yes 7 214
Slashdot.org Yes   8
1339 strictly judged submissions
EzineArticles.com     6 227
A1-Webmarks.com Yes   6
HubPages.com   Yes 6
Buzzle.com     5
985 - no longer allows ANY links
Amplify.com Yes   5 4069 Code links as valid HTML "a href" or they will be NOFOLLOW
Snipsly.com Yes Yes 4
10380 - popup ads
SheToldMe.com Yes Yes 5 14848 - now imposes a fee for posting. Not recommended.
GoArticles.com     3
IdeaMarketers.com     5
Infobarrel.com   Yes 4 5131
ArticleBlast.com     4
9347 - moderated registration
RedGage.com Yes Yes 4
Jeqq.com Yes   4 14060
Best-Reviewer.com Yes Yes 4
BookmarkDoFollow.com Yes   4
44000 - no registration option
MyLinkVault.com Yes   3 7771
Wikinut.com   Yes 3 23743
WebMasterPligg.com Yes   3
358883 - registration disabled
AddLinkList.com     3
911359 - no registration
WritingMafia.com   Yes 3 4006576
DiggDirect.com Yes   2
KarmaLynx.com Yes   2
 Yes Yes 2 207158
Yes 2 250103
DoFollowBookmarking.com Yes   1
384507 unresponsive
Just999.com Yes   1
DiggHiso.com Yes   1 638517
InfoPirate.org Yes Yes 0 121755
Folkd.com Yes   8
2660 !was PR 6, A27744 but is nofollow now
Page360.net Yes Yes dead?
GalleryWebsite.org     dead

IMO.in Yes

Jevitt.com Yes   dead

DoggSense.com Yes   dead
DoFollowBookmarkSites.com Yes   dead
180BlogNetwork.com Yes   dead
FNews.com Yes   dead
EZSpot.com Yes   dead
RSS2Blog-Review.com Yes   dead
SpotBack.com Yes   dead
Uttrakhand.com Yes   dead

Each Infobarrel author should use this list to check out the possible article backlink sites. Use the ones that work best for you style and start backlinking your articles for improved results. If you are not yet an Infobarrel author, you may want to consider signing up for free now.