My New Years resolution for Infobarrel was inspired by an article wrote by jcmayer777 called What's Your Info Barrel New Year's Resolution?

I have already resolved to write 500 articles total for Infobarrel by June 1st. This will take some hard work on my part but I feel confident doing it. Jcmayer777 got me to think about what I wanted my goal to be for next year.

By June 1st I will have my 500 articles written and published on Infobarrel. That is my initial goal with Infobarrel. After pondering what my goal should be for 2009 I kept thinking about what I want. I would like to receive at least 3,000 page views on my Infobarrel articles per day. Some articles will have many hits daily and many articles may only get 1 or no hits per day.

On June 1st I will have 500 articles published on Infobarrel and in order to get 3,000 pageviews per day I would have to average 6 hits per article per day. 500 articles may get me over the 3,000 page view hump on occasion but the odds are it will not get me there daily. The more articles I have in my Infobarrel folio the less page views per article I need in order to reach my 3,000 daily mark.

If I have 1,000 articles up then I only need to average 3 hits per article per day to hit 3,000 page views. I don't want to make my goal too high for the year as I will still be writing consistently for the Examiner but I really want to get at least 3,000 page views per day on Infobarrel.

I also realize that if I would of worked my butt of last year andwrote many articles per day instead of wasting my spare time that I would be sitting a lot better of financially. With this thought in my mind I am resolving to have 1,500 articles in my Infobarrel folio by the end of 2010.

1,500 articles in my Infobarrel folio by the end of 2010.

In addition to this I will continue to write articles forExaminer. It will keep me busy but I know I can achieve this because my job has more down time than busy time. I can use all of my extra work time to write my articles. I just need to stay focused on my writing goals.

I am estimating that I will have 100 articles published on Infobarrel by New years Eve. That would give me 1,400 more articles to write by the end of the year. Assuming I have 100 articles by New Years Eve then I would need to write 3.84 articles per day for all of 2010.

As long as I write a few articles each day I can stay on top of this lofty goal and achieve it. My New Years Resolution is 1,500 articles in my Infobarrel folio by the end of 2010. What is your New years resolution?