Expect a bit of ET, Superman, and My Sassy Girl in this fairly new Korean Drama My Love from Another Star. This is the first TV series of veteran actress Jun Ji Hyun since 1999. She is teamed up with new actor Kim Soo Hyun who has been gaining popularity since the last couple of years. This drama has been well-received by both Korean and international viewers, which has catapulted both actors to fame.

The span of the story stretches over 400 years. The story's delivery is quite different. It uses lots of flashbacks and every now and then, there is an interview scene where the male lead Do Min Joon talks to an unknown audience. In the interview mode, he gets to explain things that would rather be out of place if inserted into the "real" story. The story is set in the modern times but it goes back and forth to different periods, usually back to Joseon Era. I like how it uses flashbacks, though some of them are a bit unnecessary. Nevertheless, the narration is excellent and never fails to engross me to the story.


The story starts in the Joseon Era with 15-year-old Yi Hwa being carried in her gama (sedan chair) in the mountain. She is crying her eyes out as she has just lost her newly-wedded husband. During the procession, a UFO arrives with strong wind, sending everyone flying off their feet. As everyone grabs to trees holding for dear life, Yi Hwa's  flies over the cliff. Before she falls to her death, time stops, and Do Min Joon, an alien who looks like a human, walks towards the girl and pulls her gama back to safety. Since then, a bond forms between them. Do Min Joon develops a strong need to protect Yi Hwa.

In the present time, Do Min Joon, who hasn't aged a bit (one of the perks of being an alien), has three months left before he can go back to his planet. Meanwhile, Korea's top actress Cheon Song Yi is moving into her new condo. In the elevator, she meets Do Min Joon and mistakenly thinks he's a stalker-fan when he doesn't press his floor number. To her embarrassment, she realizes that he is her new next door neighbor. Due to some troubles she gets herself into, she's grown dependent on Do Min Joon despite his hostility. As their weird relationship develops into something more, Do Min Joon realizes that Cheon Song Yi is somehow related to the girl he met 400 years ago. He has tried not to grown attached to anyone since he will be leaving soon, but he slowly finds himself falling for the actress.

The drama is very cheerful and humorous. I love seeing Do Min Joon's constant denial of his growing affection for Cheon Song Yi, and her treating him like a good old friend even if he pushes her away. I have never liked Jun Ji Hyun's previous roles, but her Cheon Song Yi won me over. It's not usual to see a confident, optimistic, and strong-willed heroine in Korean dramas. She has instantly become my favorite female character. For girls, it's not hard to fall in love with Do Min Joon's character. He is like Clark Kent who can only silently protect the girl he loves so as not to reveal his alien identity.
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A true Korean drama fan HAS to watch this. I love the characters, the OST, the acting, the story, the scenes, and Kim Soo Hyun.


Kim Soo HyunCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Kim_Soo-hyun_2014_PaekSang_Arts_Awards06b.jpg

actor Kim Soo Hyun
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Do Min Joon

He is the male protagonist of the story and is the love interest of Cheon Song Yi. He arrives on earth in the Joseon era and starts to care for a girl named Yi Hwa, the first human to accept his extraterrestrial identity. Because of the girl, he misses his chance to go back to his planet and has to wait for 400 years. He has supernatural powers - he can teleport, move things, and stop time. His senses are also much keener than humans - he can hear things from another room or even miles away if he concentrates. Some terrible events have made him lose interest in forming any sort of relationship with humans. He decides to keep his distance and has spent most of his life being alone to avoid getting hurt when he eventually leaves. However, he starts to change when he meets Cheon Song Yi.

Jun Ji HyunCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Jun_Ji-hyun_2012_BIFF_01.jpg

actress Jun Ji Hyun
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Cheon Song Yi

She is the female protagonist of the story and is the love interest of Do Min Joon. Her strong character makes her appear conceited and narcissistic though deep inside, she cares deeply for people around her. Despite her success and popularity, she has a lot of haters, most of which criticize her intelligence (she's not book smart and confuses a lot of words). She is drawn to her neighbor Do Min Joon and likes being around him. After the mysterious death of her rival actress, the public puts the blame on her. She loses most of her projects and her career spirals downhill. During this difficult period, she becomes closer with Do Min Joon.

Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

the book Do Min Joon is reading

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Our alien hero loves to read books. In his long life on earth, he has collected a massive number of books. A few times, we see him reading a few passages of Kate DiCamillo's The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. This book has increased its sale, thanks to My Love from Another Star. I knew I must get my hands on this book!

Who would have thought that a children's book about a lost china rabbit would be so beautifully written? Edward is quite similar to Do Min Joon - both of them don't know how to love at the beginning of their journey. Whether or not you love the Korean drama, I urge you to read this highly-acclaimed book. I promise you it is worth reading. It draws me in the moment I started reading.

Other Characters

Lee Hwi Kyung

He is Song Yi and Se Mi's long time friend and he has been in love with the former for many years. He is the second son of S&C Group's chairman.

Yang Mi Yeon

She is Song Yi's mother and has been actively involved in her daughter's career. Since Song Yi has started acting, Mommy has become obsessed with money. She has been spending her daughter's earnings like a drunken sailor on shore leave. Because of this, Song Yi has a strained relationship with her.
Ahn Jae HyunCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ahn_Jae-hyun_on_M!_Countdown.jpg

actor Ahn Jae Hyun
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Cheon Yoon Jae

He is Song Yi's kid brother. After he runs away from home, he skips school and spends most of his time in internet cafes. Though he hates his sister's star status, he cares deeply for her.

Yoo Seok

He is the new (and righteous) prosecutor who handles Han Yoo Ra's murder case and is also the older brother of Se Mi. He works with Detective Park Byung Hee.
Jang Young Mok

Lawyer Jang is the only friend and confidant of Do Min Joon. They have known each other for 30 years and he's the only person who knows his alien identity. He helps him conceal his secret by making fake death certificates and other documents for his new identity. Since the alien doesn't age, he has to fake his deaths a few times so as not to scare people with his unchanging appearance.

Bok Ja

Bok Ja is the owner of a manga shop and is Song Yi's middle school friend. She doesn't have a boyfriend but seems to know a lot about love and relationships. The two act like sort of enemies but Bok Ja is always the person whom Song Yi runs to when she needs advice.

Lee Jae Kyung

The number one spot goes to the S&C Group heir and the second older brother of Hee Kyung, Cheon Song Yi's long-time admirer. After our heroine overhears a conversation that would land him to jail, Jae Kyung has been busy concocting her murder to silence her forever.
Yoo In NaCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Actress_Yoo_In-na_at_the_Pifan_opening_ceremony_on_July_17,_2014.jpg

actress Yoo In Na
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Yoo Se Mi

Se Mi, Song Yi's best friend, takes the second spot. She is not really a bad person. She is in fact sweet and nice, but her extreme jealousy on her friend takes a toll on their friendship. She is also an actress but is not as popular as Song Yi. She has always felt overshadowed by her friend's fame. She has been in love with Hee Kyung for a long time. Since the latter has his eyes only for Song Yi, Se Mi feels extremely bitter.

Han Yoo Ra

She is a competitive actress and is Song Yi's rival. They are not in good terms and has sometimes been spotted arguing in public. She is also Jae Kyung's secret mistress. She has died in the earlier episode.

Lee Shin

He is Jae Kyung's ever so loyal assistant. I put him in his category because as bad as his deeds are, we know that he is simply following orders. I wonder how much his master pays him. Just seeing him sends chills down my spine because we know that his boss is up to something!


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