The Magic Bullet To Go!


The good things about it and things you can make with it and the cool features it has!


If you are buying an infomercial product by phone or online and it doesn't come with a money back guarantee, then don't buy it!

Full Review

If Youv'e heard of the infomercial that's done by Mick and Mimi for the Original Magic Bullet then you will just loooooooove the Magic Bullet To Go! It's created by the same company (Homeland Housewares) and it's similar to the 1st model but it's just gotten even better! theyv'e cut the cord! and added a chargeable powerbase that takes only 2 hours to charge and once its done charging it lasts up to 50 uses or more! So this way you can take it with you and use it anywhere whether your'e at the beach, camping, or tailgating. Anyway I had bought mine from and once I got it and took it out of the box I charged it up and it worked when I made a smoothie! the only things I've made with it are smoothies, but there are alot of other things you can make with it too like dips, cocktails, breakfast dishes, soups, sandwiches, sauces, desserts, and more! It comes with everything you see in the picture here that include the 4 mugs with color coated rings so everyone knows which drink as theirs, a charger to charge the powerbase, a tall cup and small cup for making all sorts of the things that I mentioned before except beverages, it comes with 2 different blades that screw onto all the cups the flat blade is for whipping and the cross blade is for chopping, blending, and grinding, there is also a steamer top lid that you can screw onto the tall cup or small cup and steam things like veggies in the microwave since all the cups and the steamer top are microwave safe. There is also a shaker top you can screw on to sprinkle parmesan cheese on pasta or something like that, and last but not least it also comes with 2 storage lids that screw on to keep things fresh and all the cups, 2 blades, storage lids, shaker top and steamer top are all dishwasher safe. If you decide to order this from or or even or even where i got mine from there might be some bonus pieces included! I use it and it really does come in handy for me!

In Closing