When I was looking for an exhaust system for my MazdaSpeed 3, I had to find a system that sounded just right and also gave me performance to match. I chose a GHL Stainless steel 3" exhaust because it was an easy bolt on install, and sounded amazing combined with the Mazdaspeed 3's turbo charged engine.

I've included a video that let's you hear just how a MazdaSpeed 3 sounds like with a GHL exhaust and a few other mods.

In addition to my exhaust I have a Custom Performance Engineering Cold Air Intake, Turbo Smart Dual Chamber Blow Off valve (it's also adjustable), Street Unit Test Pipe, ETS 3.5" Top Mount Intercooler, Street Unit Silicone Boost Tubes, Street Unit Solid Shifter Bushings, Pro Sport Boost Guage, Pro Sport Oil Pressure Guage, and Pro Sport Oil Temperature Gauge, Street Unit Rear Engine Mount and finally the Street Unit Black Out kit.

All of the parts on my car have made my Speed 3 Zoom-Zoom much better than it ever could have stock from the factory.

CPE Cold Air Intake - Improves air flow into the Turbo dramatically. The stock airbox on a mazdaspeed 3 is just that, a box with a hole in it. It was not very good at funneling air into the engine to get the most horsepower out of the engine.

TurboSmart BOV - For the most part, this is a novelty, but it does serve a useful purpose. It prevents Boost from leaking out too early, and also gives your car a unique whooshing sound in between shifts. It's a real head turner and it lets people know you mean business.

ETS Top Mount Intercooler - This beauty increases the amount of air that can be cooled down before going into the engine . Turbocharged engines rely on cold air for maximum performance, and that's just what an intercooler does.

Prosport Guages - Guages are essential on Turbocharged cars to make sure everything is in check. Problems can occur at any given moment, but if you're on top of what's going on under the hood, you can catch a problem before it becomes a disaster. Boost gauges measure how much Pressure in Pounds per square inch your turbo is producing. PSI is power. Oil Pressure Guages let you know that your oil is being run through your system at the right PSI as well. If it's too low or too high it's likely you've got a problem. Oil temperature also lets you know if your car is overheating, which is very useful when running your car at the track.

Alright, check out the video below with my car and it's MazdaSpeed 3 Exhaust by GHL.