My top 10 articles as ranked by InfoBarrel for the number of Page Views they have received, the amount of Adsense money they have earned since published, and a few other tid bits of info about each one.

My top 10 overall articles listed here are ranked by total page views, not total earnings. I have articles that have earned much more then some of these listed, but by showing the total number of page views each one had received and comparing it to the Adsense earnings, you can see that sometimes just because an article gets a lot of hits, does not mean that the article will earn a lot.

InfoBarrel changed how they track views, so bots and other stuff no longer counts. Only actual visits count. My top 10 articles by total number of page views are ranked differently within my Google Analytics accounts. My CPM using the Analytics accounts is higher, but Google does not want us to share certain information. By using InfoBarrels page view numbers, I can compare it too the actual amount earned, and not be in violation of Google Analytics terms of service.

1. 10 Pretty Sexy Female Tennis Players (3,588 Visitors)
Top 10 lists seem to get a lot of traffic. Sex sells, so combining an article about 10 sexy tennis players seemed like I would get a lot of traffic, and I have.

I have made a whopping $1.06 off of this article. Not a lot, but at least I made some money off of it. I have received a lot of visitors from Google Image searches in multiple countries.

2. Make 5,000 Dollars per Month with InfoBarrel (1,177 Visitors)
People love to read about how to make money online, and InfoBarrel is a great way to make money online. This article has seen a wide variety of websites that have sent this article traffic.

This article has made me $12.90 total. It continues to garner new clicks each month. I can always rely on this article to bring in at least 2-3 clicks every month.

3. Six Animals That Are Now Extinct (1,157 Visitors)
This article was featured on the InfoBarrel main page. The article interested a lot of people, but I had tons of grammatical errors. Most of them have been fixed now. This article has earned a total of $1.11 since I published it on InfoBarrel.

4. Cheerleading Merchandise (1,027 Visitors)
I did keyword research for this article. I usually do not keyword research. This article has earned a total of $1.09 since I published it on InfoBarrel.

5. Large Capacity Fuel Tanks for Harley Davidson Sportsters (947 Visitors)
This is another article that I researched keywords on. I receive visitors almost everyday to this article. This article has only earned me $2.09, but this article also gets a lot of click through traffic to my other Harley Davidson articles.

Just because an article is not earning a lot does not mean it is still not valuable. If this article draws in a Harley Enthusiast who is doing a specific search on Google, he may click to one of my other Harley Davidson articles, and then on an Adsense ad.

I suggest that you never remove an article from InfoBarrel for being low performing. You never know what may happen. If for example, New Harley Davidson Sportsters had a fuel tank that was recalled, the number of visitors may shoot up drastically if everyone started Googling for information on Sportster fuel tanks.

6. Top 8 Time Travel Movies (849 Visitors)
$1.16 is all I have earned off of this article. That Ok with me. I have only been a member of InfoBarrel since November 2009. Lets say I only make $2.00 per year with this article. If I have 1,500 articles published and each one earns $2.00 per year, that's $3,000 per year for the rest of my life with out lifting another finger.

7. 10 Really Ugly Fish (826 Visitors)
I have earned nothing from this article. I had a lot of fun writing it though.

8. Breast Augmentations for Firmer and Fuller Breasts (796 Visitors)
I have earned $2.56 from this article. Google Analytics does not allow us to share the Cost per Click we earn, but suffice it to say it is very high for this article.

9. Pre-Built Hunting Cabins (779 Visitors)
This article receives constant traffic. Not a lot, but I do receive visitors each month. I did keyword research and have earned a total of $8.62 off of this article. The actual number of visitors is much lower. As with the rest of the articles listed here, they have a lot of views that were not actually visitors. InfoBarrel fixed this. My CPM in Google Analytics according to my actual stats, is MUCH MUCH MUCH higher then any of my other articles.

I can rely on this article to consistently earn some money each month. It may not be a lot, but it does earn nicely for me. Over the next 5 years this article could make well over a $100...or much more.

10. Sturgis Biker Rally (773 Visitors)

This article has earned me 51 cents. It is more of a seasonal article, so I will look forward to seeing what it does each time the Sturgis rally rolls around.

Other Stats
My Top 10 over all earning articles list looks much different then this list. I love crunching numbers and comparing stats. Google Analytics has a lot of in depth features. Each month I discover new features in my Google Analytics account that show me a new ways of looking at, and tracking, my stats.

The more in depth i get with Google Analytics, the more useful tools I discover. If you do not have your Google Analytics associated with your Adsense account then you need to get that done right away.

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