My Name is "it"
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     The website defines the word "it" as a word that can be used to represent a person or animal understood, previously mentioned, or about to be mentioned whose gender is unknown or disregarded..." so it follows that whenever I go out and about in my fair city, Victoria BC Canada, that I am referred to as an "It" by just about anyone I meet on the street. Complete strangers will stop their conversations' to observe that I am "It's a guy" or "It's a girl".  Not only do they have to think it, but they have to verbalize  the phrase to anyone within earshot lest they be perceived and being "fooled" by someone regarding the gender of the person they are looking at.

     Don't get me wrong, I have been called a freak, a weirdo, a tranny(interesting how the word tranny becomes "tyranny" with the addition of only a single letter), a queer, a she-male etc. by just about everyone in every socioeconomic class, religion and sexual orientation. It seems to be the one thing all cultures, creeds and religions can agree on; and that is transgender people are meant to be loathed and feared. They will even take your appearing in front of them as an opportunity to "teach" their children about how we are really "men in dresses" and how they are not to be fooled by such devious tactics. Thereby insuring the continuance of the discrimination we face on a daily basis. We are turned down for jobs, homes, places to shop and even worse accused of being "bathroom perverts" simply wanting to get into woman's washroom to get a glimpse of their anatomy.....please give me a break! Of course we are only using the washroom for perverted reasons, we have no other reason to be there because we as a species that do not have to actually use a bathroom....not!  Why do women think the world revolves around their vagina and our whole world consists of nothing but the desire to see their naughty bits? I have a shock for you but you sell images of your bodies on a daily basis for money, they are readily available for anyone to see.

     I believe that being referred to as an "it" can be the most degrading, insulting, belittling and soul crushing things you can say to a person. Reducing their identity down to an object whose gender is unknown and therefore making it easier to discriminate, harass, ridicule, assault and kill us. Each and every one of the people guilty of referring to us as an "it" is directly responsible for the deaths of every transwoman that has ever lost her life due to transphobic hatred and violence.  The blame falling squarely on the shoulders of the cisgender community! Why your very language and its use it a tool for tyranny against any groups that you see as different. Clearly showing a lack of any kinds of feelings of empathy, reducing yourselves to an "object without feelings".  This same attitude sent millions of people to their deaths in WW2 yet the attitude still remains.  My name is "it".

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