I'm not getting targeted customers to my blog. Maybe it could be a result of not having a lot of blog traffic in the first place. I'm beginning to think that blogging was not invented for my use. You see, I wrote this very useful article post on the art of grilling chicken. It gave perfect instructions on how to grill chicken that is moist, tender and tasty. I hope that you enjoyed it. But, wait! Didn't you see it?I wouldn't be totally shocked if you didn't.

Well, if you' re like all of those other thousands of hungry surfers that the world wide web claims to have, then you probably missed my wonderful article post also. Shame on you. Or, should it be shame on me? Surprisingly, I am still waiting for my blog traffic to arrive. I've done all of the right things according to the expert internet gurus. What am I doing wrong?

Maybe, I should stop listening to the internet gurus and devise my own blogging plan. In addition, I'm going to change my negative attitude towards blogging and get it right this time. I will never get targeted customers if I don't adjust my attitude first.

Edit My Blogging Checklist

Maybe I won't be so hard on myself and try this blogging thing again. See, there's hope for me after all. I am acknowledging the number one rule of blogging which is "Don't Give Up." I'm going to edit my blogging checklist by adding new tasks that will hopefully make me a better blogger. I am only subscribing to good legal tactics. There won't be any borderline internet tactics for me. I don't have much traffic, but I don't want to use underhanded methods in order to get targeted customers to my blog.

Create a New Plan of Action

1. I will conduct heavy SEO keyword research. I'm going to use focused keywords in order to get targeted organic traffic from the search engines. However, I must say there will be times when I'll write without researching any keywords at all. I don't want to make my blogging experience restrictive.

2. I will NOT use social bookmarking sites. This builds upon my first plan of action. My blog is monetized by Adsense. As a result, I want targeted customers that are actually interested in what I have to say and want to buy the products that I am promoting. Social bookmarking sites usually provide temporary visitors that are only web surfing and not purchasing products. Besides, these types of visitors usually mess up my stats.

3. I will comment on other related blogs. I'm not going to worry so much about no follow or do follow links. I will not spam these related blogs, but read and comment. The exposure might do my blog well.

4. I will continue to provide content on a regular basis. I am going to stick to a reasonable blogging schedule. In addition, I will do more to promote my content as outlined in the previous steps. However, my goal is to write content that will bring more organic traffic in the long run.

5. I will find related forums and post on them regularly. This can be tricky because many forums will not allow active links for their members. Many forums require that you sign in by using their assigned id numbers as links. So, depending on the forum, this may not be a good tactic . However, the members of such forums could become targeted customers for my blog. The key is to become an active member on applicable forums and interact with other members.

6. I will use websites that will ping my posts. Ping services will aid in getting traffic to my blog. I've haven't done this as much in the past. However, I have heard many positive things about the results of pinging blog posts.

7. I will write for both the search engines and blog visitors. You can't really do one without the other if you want targeted customers on a regular basis. I want my article posts to be interesting, but I also want the search engines to find them. It is up to me to practice and find a balance between the two. I vehemently disagree with the logic that you have to write crap in order to make money from Adsense.

8. I will still continue to write about things that are of interest to me.What? Yes, my goal is to get targeted customers, but I have to have a personal interest in what I am writing. I have many interests. My challenge will be to find the ones that will bring targeted customers to my blogs. Once again, I have to find a balance that works.

9. I will test, practice, analyze and do some more testing. I 'm going to mix things up a bit. It isn't guaranteed that anything will be perfect. I have to find out what works for me and my blog. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, this will take time.

I've learned that in order to get targeted customers, I can't just write and then wait for them to pop up out of nowhere. I must be proactive and patient. I can have the best information on my blog, but if potential visitors aren't aware of its existence, then it is basically rendered useless.

Also, I learned that nothing will work if you aren't persistent. Maybe my last attempt at blogging was not successful because I wasn't committed to making it work.This time I will be focused, abide by a few blogging rules and implement my plan of action for getting targeted customers for my blog.