November 2013 Highlights

Looking UpCredit: JAVRSMITH

November 2013 was a breakout month for me, (hopefully). During the month, I saw several funding sources rebound from once very poor amounts. I was also greatly encouraged by certain sales realities. Not everything was good, however. Certain earning sites have become problematic. More on that later.

Amazon Kindle Ebook Sales
November 2013 was the best month on record for ebook sales. Sales topped $285 for the month. While ebook sales have been quite strong all year, this month was exceptional. Many encouraging signs were seen. Two of my titles sold more than 30 copies each for the month. Another sold 18 copies. As well, two titles that had never been purchased previously finally broke through with a few sales.

Also encouraging were the distribution of Amazon Kindle sales. While American customers continue to be most supportive, good sales figures were also recorded in Germany and the United Kingdom. Other smaller regions were also represented in the sales reports. Purchases were made to each of the other sales regions, with the exception of Brasil and Australia. Each month, authors must reach at least $10 in sales in each region in order to be paid. While this level is easy to reach in the USA region, it may not be in some of the smaller non-English speaking regions. The Italian, Japanese and Mexican market has proven to be difficult to reach the payment amount, in months past. This November, sales were made to most all regions.

Payments for the month will be received from these Amazon sales regions:
United Kingdom

Payments are due from Japan and India only because the sales to those regions this month were added to October sales which were not previously paid out.

Infobarrel Earnings
Revenue from Infobarrel continues to be on pace with October 2013 at $12.59 for the month against $12.60 last month. This is very encouraging compared to statistics observed earlier in the year. During the month, there were no new titles added. Traffic has begun to come back so Infobarrel should become a larger part of my online activities in December 2013 and in 2014. Infobarrel November 2013 EarningsCredit: JAVRSMITH

I continue to earn revenue at Bubblews but there are concerns. Payments were steady from the site six times. The seventh payment was lost, with no explanation. An eigth payment was received. This is somewhat disturbing, especially considering the trouble that so many others had had receving payments. It also takes a great deal of work to earn high revenues at the site. As a result, the return on time invested is lower than with other revenue earning opportunities.

Not many posts were made during November and the revenue total shows it. Still, the outstanding balance there is about $20. A redeem request will likely be made in December. If this is paid, without trouble, Bubblews may again become of interest, but for now it is not as important to me as it once was. The site administrators keep mentioning that their new version will fix many of the problems. While it might, the upgrade is now quite delayed from the late August target date that was once mentioned. Now no target date is ever discussed.

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Squidoo continues to be rather disappointing. While my portfolio has been relatively stable there, many others report continued poor earnings at the site. My top performing articles continue to attract readers, although they have not fared well in site rankings. Where a couple had been at the 5000 level, (less is better), they now are #9500 and worse. They have, however, been attracting a few Amazon sales, including sales of my own ebooks. It was interesting to see that a couple of Christmas articles have begun to attract viewers on Squidoo. This should improve in December, of course.

Trouble is still very evident with Squidoo, overall. Many authors there report 50% and more, revenue drop. Some believe that the site has been severally punished by Google, and that it will not improve. The site administrators have been highly reactive in their attempts to improve the site's standing with Google. Unfortunately, it has meant a great deal of confusion, and extra work, for the article authors. Even long-standing authors have been very negatively affected. To add insult to injury, the top ranked authors, (known as Giants), have had to re-apply for their status. This was understood never to be necessary, based on previous site guidelines. Many people were very upset with the sudden change in policy. Several have decided to quit the site. During November, I re-applied for Giant status and was accepted. Part of the application required me to agree to use the site more in the future, publishing a certain number of articles per year. This seems to indicate that the site will be trimming out some inactive authors in the future.

Niche Site
My niche site has picked up of late as well. While the $10 revenue for the month was below the $15 figure for the previous month, it was encouraging. Some months this year have been quite a lot worse. There is something to be done on the site which may improve the situation. Google reports that the site is not displaying the optimal ad types. Having at least one short and wide ad block is supposed to improve earnings. My niche site only hosts narrow, tall ads. I had intended to make a change to the site last month but I did not. Research was made into the changes but no progress was made so the effort was abandoned. Another attempt to add wide ads should be made this month.

Other Revenue Sites
There are several other sites that I have used in the past for revenue earning. Most of these are quite dormant in terms of traffic and revenue earned. One possible exception is Youtube. I have been publishing videos there, mainly for linking purposes. Over the life of my account, I have earned over $36. The payment threshold amount is $100. During November, $5 was earned, on one day, $1.75. In time, I should be publishing more videos to Youtube. As these come online, site earnings may improve. As well, I have picked up several more subscribers in November. I would like to publish more video in the future but it is a somewhat time consuming process.

Future Plans
Since Infobarrel traffic, and earnings, have improved, there should be good value in producing more articles for the site in December 2013, and beyond. The monthly author's contest remains a great way to improve earnings as well. I shall make an attempt to boost my standing in the contest, for the bonus points. That means that I should write at least 5 Infobarrel articles this month. This article is the first so there are only 4 more required. This will be my main IB goal this month.

Online revenue earning seems to be picking up. Good luck to all this month, and in the New Year!

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