It is almost 2012, but not quite yet, so what is my plan?

As much as I look forward to 2012, as a hopefully prosperous and trouble free new year, we are not quite done with 2011 yet. It is now December and the final hurdle for any yearly plan that you may have. Really, that is a great thing to do, and in January, not only will I be writing my achievements and monthly goals, but I will publish an article on where I want to be in January 2013, and how I hope to get there, as I do believe I understand enough of what I need to do and what I can reasonably expect of myself to write and plan next years achievements. Remember, if you visualise your goals, you have something to aim for. And there is plenty of opportunity to aim for goals at InfoBarrel.

So what have I done on InfoBarrel this month?

Well, I definately increased my earnings, and with such a small library of articles I really can not complain. Everything has gone up slightly. Here are my earnings for InfoBarrel for the month of November.

Adsense; £24.68 With £4.85 coming from InfoBarrel. So whilst I took almost a £10 loss on whole, my InfoBarrel earnings flew up from October's £1.82. Staggering climb for such a small library.

Chitika $0.98 Although a very small amount, also an increase from the even worse $0.09 of October, how can I complain, it is heading in the right direction!

Amazon; Here was my break through, a small one, but yay, I made $0.58 in November and sold two small items.

Well that was the financial aspect of it, so what about the rest?

What I feel I have achieved as a writer here at InfoBarrel , this November.

The main thing I feel I achieved this November was that I learned how to attach my media pages to their photographs. The what to what you ask? I will tell you what I learnt.

After writing an article and inserting pictures in the body of your article, and post publishing said article, you will see all the photographs that you used at the bottom of the webpage, with blue hyperlinks underneath them. These are their media pages, and your second chance at earning some cash. These media pages have more adverts with your ID attached to them.

Once you have published your article, open up InfoBarrel on a second page, so you have two pages with the same on.

Select one of the pictures and go to the media page, copy the URL, then go back to the first page with your article also on.

Select to edit the article and click on the same photograph as you selected a minute ago, but the one in the body of the article and not the bottom of the page. If you have done this correctly the link keys will become available. Click the link key and a box will appear.

Paste the URL that you copied in to the space, and select ok. You have now created a link to that media page, so if someone clicks on that photograph, you have a second chance at earning revenue.

Rinse and repeat for any other photographs.

I also learnt a few other things but hopefully this will be the biggest help to myself and to others also.

This month I feel I was much more active with in the community and have been more vocal in the Forum, but still feel I do not have the knowledge to direct some newcomers as some of the better writers. Not that that has ever hindered me from trying in the past.

Did I achieve the goals I set myself for November?

1) To write more articles than I did in October. I want at least 15- 20 articles published by my own hand.

I actually failed this one, I wrote 11 articles in November and had written 12 in October, so I will really try and motivate myself during this last month of the year. Why did I not hit my target? Just family life and typical mum thing of never having enough time to concentrate on stuff I need to do.

2) To see my name in the first 50 of the contest board, as I am yet to be on the top 100. My own fault as I have only ever admitted a couple of articles.

I achieved this one, as I finished 19 th I think it was, so yay, I was very happy to hit this goal, and writing this goal motivated me to earn points when I did not think I could. It also pushed me to write and focus on gaining the points instead of pining after earnings. I think this month I am turning a corner there and getting less antsy about earnings on a day to day issue.

This also meant that I earned more than the 31 points needed to get higher revenue share, so fingers crossed that also increases my earnings at InfoBarrel.

3) To hit payout with Adsense, which for the UK is £60.

Unfortunately far from it and did actually take a loss on my total Adsense earnings, but gained almost triple earnings from InfoBarrel, how good is that? So looking forward to December if November can do that to my earnings here.
4) To break into Amazon sales at least one sale.
Yes, I actually managed this one, I made two sales and earned a total of $0.58, I am so happy to hit through that wall. Whatever the tiny amount, it is all about baby steps and I achieved my goal, tick!
5) Take one day in November where I do no writing, apart from to take notes and study some more SEO and some other online optimization.
Never happened for the same reasons as goal number one, children and jobs just do not mix. I did get a chance to read some great tips on the InfoBarrel forum and some great articles on SEO and article writing, just not how I had planned to educate and digest in a more studious manner.

So what are my InfoBarrel goals for December?

1) Write 31 points or more worth of articles, so that I can earn maximum revenue.

2) Aim to make my total number of articles to 50 articles by the end of the month, so I have half of what is considered the first decent milestone on InfoBarrel. I currently have 31 as I write this.

3) Do NOT work on Christmas day!! Yes, I get that addicted to working online.

4) Hit Adsense payout this month.

5) Read and comment on at least 50 articles through out the month.


Most importantly, I bid everyone a peaceful and happy time during the festive season, stay safe x