A Tale of the Ups and Downs of my First Month of Online Earning.

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I recently decided to give up working. This was a big decision for me, perhaps not for the reasons that you are thinking. The reason is that I plan to give up my job 1 year from now. Is this possible? I’m not sure, but there is nothing like having a goal to motivate you. 

My main source of earning, and the one which I put most of my effort into in my first month, was infobarrel. This is quite a good place to start your journey if you want to earn money online, as not only is it something that you can do in your spare time, it earns money when you are not working. Another good thing is that although you do earn with infobarrel, it hasn’t given me a huge return. This didn't seem like a good thing to me until I realized it was the crucial lesson from my first month – this was not going to be quick, easy and painless. I was going to have to put some effort in to reap the rewards. I thought about this for a while. After initially being disheartened by this fact, I soon realized that this was a plus. People are inherently lazy, and it is only the few who persevere who profit in the end.

After a few clicks on my articles, earning me some money, writing fatigue set in. Not having enough enthusiasm, I took a few days out. This was probably a bad idea. I have struggled to get back into the swing of article writing. I think I might try a more varied approach next month, as my attention span was not long enough to cope with writing 3 or more articles a day.

I struggled in the beginning trying to persuade people I know about my online income generation goal. Most of my friends and family tried to convince me I was crazy for even attempting this, and at some points I agreed. I have just never been someone who can accept the fact that this is ‘just the way the world works’. I question EVERYTHING. Unfortunately for me this month, that includes my own resolve and I stopped completely for most of a week.

After my early faltering I decided to get back on the horse and try some new things. Having been denied a personal Adsense account and an Amazon Affiliate account due to the fact I was only writing on infobarrel, I decided to start a blog/niche site of my own. I registered the name on blogger and promptly forgot about it. Time ticks on and I have not been back to it. This is a mistake I plan to rectify.

Towards the end of the month I discovered BubbleWS. This is a social networking site that pays you for the views, likes and comments on your posts. Whilst it is not a big earner in the long term, you can see the money piling up as you go, which is good for morale.

Then, suddenly, in my third week, the loneliness of the whole endeavor kicked in. I am locked in a room alone for hours at a time trying to get this to work. This makes me question why I am even trying this – surely the idea is NOT to be sat at a computer all day? This is something I have been trying to avoid. Depression about the whole scenario set in, and I began googling for ‘real’ jobs, searching online for get rich quick schemes and wasting time on distraction websites. The days slip by and after a while I snapped out of it, knuckled down and resolved to make this work.

In the last few days of this month I came across Clickworker, which pays you for completing mostly repetitive small tasks. I have not had much time with this so it is hard to tell my success rate. Supposedly I have earned around $5 – but time will tell if this is likely to be paid.

For next month I have a few new things to try. I have signed up to LeapForce Home, which is mainly a search engine evaluation site. It is advertised to pay a lot higher rate than Clickworker. I have also signed up to a website user evaluation site – which films your screen as you view websites and asks for your opinions on it.

It will be interesting to see which new direction brings me the most income. The new websites are a little bit of a diversion from the original goal of creating passive income, but if they show me that a realistic amount of money is available online it will spur me on, and having a definite income is never a bad thing.

Personally it has been great to see that with a little effort I can create cash out of my own initiative. This has made me so much more open to earning my own money in the future – not just relying on an employer. I now just have to increase the scale of my earnings. Luckily I have lots of free time and another income which will allow me to really throw myself into this.

The moral of this story is that only through hard work and persistence will this plan work for me. I hope just getting my diary out there helps you if you are on your journey to self sufficiency and passive income freedom.


You can see my detailed income report here.

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