Online Passive Income

Newbie alert

I joined Infobarrel April 1, 2013 and sixteen days later have been having a blast and seeing a lot of potential with this site. I figured that since I have some experience with Infobarrel now I wanted to list my goals and see what's realistic for me to set since I've written a lot. While my goals aren't set in stone, I want to list them out here and also see what potential passive income I can make from here in a year. I don't know if these goals are going well over what I'm capable of or if I'm going to severely understate what I will actually do, but here goes nothing!

Total articles

So I have 53 articles up at the moment and it's been 16 days. I'm still writing approximately 3 articles a day but the ideas are less and less frequent. I predict that by the end of this first month of writing I'll be out of ideas thus my writing frequency will drop. That's to be expected though so I'm happy with the way things have been going so far. If I'm able to maintain writing at least 1 article a day after the month of April I should have over 300 articles out before the year is up. Over 300 articles would be a great ground base to work with in getting my passive income engine going and while it's hard to see that far down the road, I don't foresee having any issues eventually getting to my main goal of 1,000 articles. How long it takes me to get there is unknown at this point but as the year progresses I'll make updates and track my progress. I'm listing my goal for 2013 of having at least 350 well written articles up before December 31st. At the pace I'm going and how comfortable I feel I believe this is attainable, but only time will tell. I'll be posting monthly updates to track this progress and see how I'm doing. I can only hope that the dreaded writer's block doesn't kick in too quickly, but I predict that I should be ok in generating ideas.

Passive Income

This one is going to be much harder to predict because I'm new in the world of making passive income online. While it's easier for me to project a goal of articles to write because I know what I'm capable of, the passive income goal isn't as easy. So far it's been 16 days and with my total of 53 articles up I've brought in $3.09 at the time of this writing. I don't really have a desire to be ambitious like many other Infobarrel writers by diversifying to other sites like Squidoo, Hubpages, and all of those areas. I'm pretty content with just staying here and focusing all of my attention on Infobarrel. I do use RedGage to backlink and I do have a twitter account to post my articles there so that will hopefully increase traffic somewhat. My total views on all articles combined are sitting at 645 right now so that's pretty impressive so far, at least I think so. At the rate I'm going if things continue as they are I should probably have about $6.00 by the end of April. If I continue to submit my articles to search engines, backlink well, use proper SEO, and pump out 1-2 articles per day after April I'm hoping to see this number grow rapidly each month. If I have to take an estimate of where I will be by the end of December it will probably be off by a large margin, but I'll give it a shot. I'm going to list my monthly passive online income goal for 2013 at a rate of $100 before December 31. So I'm hoping by January of next year I'm making over $100 a month from my articles. Again this could be way overstating or way understating what the reality may be, but if I have about 350 articles up by the years end I foresee this as being a realistic number. I would certainly like to believe for a lot more but I'd rather make a conservative goal and be pleasantly surprised.

Excited for things to come

I'm excited to be writing for Infobarrel and I'm pumped to see where I am at the end of this year. As each month progresses I'll be making an article with my total article and earnings so I can track my progress and see how things are coming along. I'm hopeful that within a few years I'll be making more money than my job which will be great in eliminating my student loan debt and pay for any expenses I may incur so my job money can be used for bills and sustaining my lifestyle while the Infobarrel money is used for savings and starting a family. We will see, but I'm excited and have my hopes high. Here's to having a successful first year at Infobarrel!