Marx completed The Communist Manifesto with Frederick Engels; it was one of the most influential political documents ever written.  They believed that eventually, capitalism will collapse in the way as previous economic systems have.  Also, that the social relations of production will become obstacle to the continued development of the means of production and the result would be an epidemic of over-production.  The manifesto was aimed to guide the working class and its future because the workers were being exploited under capitalism.  Marx stated that the wage system should be abolished and that the workers should fight for higher wages; he wanted a society with equality where humans can maximize their capabilities.  Furthermore, Marx believes that the abolishment of capitalism will lead to the emancipation of all.

 A Truthful Example

Marx was influenced by Ricardo who argued that the profit a capitalist earns is the result of how much the labourer is paid.  For example, if a worker produces $100 worth of goods and is paid $10 a day, it will lead to higher profits for the capitalist than if a worker produces $100 of value and receives $90.  The worker receives enough value for survival while the rest of the value is at disposal to the capitalist.  Marx’s theory incorporates the observation that the capitalist minority owns the means of production while the majority owns only its labour-power, its capacity to labour, which it must sell to the capitalists in order to obtain the necessaries of life .  The majority of people are exploited labourers who work simply to endure a life of constant struggle for survival while the minority of people own the means of production and are profiting from the surplus-value and gaining capital.  This leads to the proceeding gap between the worker and the capitalist. 

 Marx’s View And The Workplace Struggle

In Marx’s view, the struggle in the workplace which includes the length of the working day, the intensity of work, the working conditions, the introduction of new machinery, and the work discipline should be abolished.  Marx refers to working as divided into two portions which include, “necessary labour time” and “surplus-labour time”.  Necessary labour time is the time the worker produces the value they need for subsistence and surplus labour time is the rest of the working day where the value goes to the capitalist.  Marx refers to the surplus labour as exploitation.  There will always be an impulse with capitalism to push the worker to his limits and beyond; the capitalist will attempt to make the worker labour for as long as possible.  Also, Marx states that capital will lead to machinery that will enable the workers to be more productive, and this leads to the rising rate of exploitation.  As time passed, less people were owners of the means of production, and enterprises became larger and included more independent work; according to Marx, capitalist became more and more dispensable.  The Manifesto states that the development of the forces of production would lead to the demise of capitalist relations of production, and that the end of capitalism, similar to feudalism, would entail the growth of new technology and tools to overthrow the existing relations of production.  Given that Marx was focused on the working class and equality, The Communist Manifesto was in favour of the working class and it is a significant document of human civilization. 

 My Disagreement

I disagree with the view that the Communist Manifesto is irrelevant to analyze and understand capitalism today because society functions similarly today than in Marx`s and Engels` time.  Today, there is a gap between the labourers and the capitalists; capitalists grow and expand their companies from surplus value just as Marx states in the Communist Manifesto.  There are workers being exploited under capitalism and the push for faster, more efficient work.  The workers today are also being exploited with constant new machinery and the intensity in the workplace for the worker.  The workers are labourers making enough money for substance while the capitalists are becoming wealthier from the surplus profit.  The Communist Manifesto is very prominent today just as it was in Marx’s and Engels’ time; even though it is difficult to read it, it remains the best work which began the study of capitalism. 

Overall, the Communist Manifesto was an amazing piece of writing to read, and I must say that I was absolutely intrigued with Karl Marx’s point of view. It is sort of like Marx could predict what was going to happen in the future, and humans are making the same mistakes that they were making decades ago! About 50 years ago there was a humongous gap between the labourers and capitalists; however, many people were under the impression that this gap would become smaller over time. Instead, the gap has not even remained the same, but rather, it has gotten even larger!

I am not trying to say that there should not be a gap between the employers and employees of the company; the world would not be the same if the un-driven individuals were making the same salary as the driven individuals that are working overtime! However, I am trying to say that the gap between the labourers and capitalists should not be as large!

 Marx and Engels has gotten it right when they were thinking up and writing the Communist Manifesto; however, many people simply brushed their words off, and thought that things would even out. Well, guess what....they didn’t even out!

 I would definitely recommend the Communist Manifesto to absolutely anybody that has the time or energy to read through it. The piece of writing has given me some new insight onto the way that the world works, as I am sure that it will give everyone else that same insight. Some people may not agree with what Marx is saying; however, I completely agree with his statements, and believe that the piece of writing should be part of the high school curriculum because it would open the students’ eyes to new things!