I had always wanted to buy an Oreck XL...

As a housewife, I realize that one cannot survive without a good, reliable vacuum cleaner. A quick  once-over in the family room can quickly transform a grungy carpet into one that is presentable for houseguests. After many years of watching the commercials and infomercials on television, I finally decided to make the jump and I purchased myself an Oreck XL vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner was quite a splurge; it was certainly more expensive than any vacuum I had ever owned before. I went into a local Oreck store to ask some questions and make my purchase. Over my husband's objections, I chose the pink breast cancer awareness Oreck vacuum. My husband told me that if I bought a pink vacuum, that he would not have to help out with housework. This didn't bother me, and I decided to buy the pink vacuum anyway. I was initially impressed with the free tuneup and maintenance program that Oreck offered. Once a year, I could go in and get a free belt change, cleaning and new vacuum bag- that seemed pretty cool. The people in the store were friendly, and I felt very comfortable with my purchase. As part of their promotion at the time, I also received a small mini Oreck hand vacuum and a very cool hand duster. (The hand duster, by the way, has since been devoured by my overly enthusiastic dachshund.)

I went home with my new Oreck and was looking forward to trying it out. As soon as I tried the vacuum, I noticed that it was nice and quiet. I vacuumed my living room, and I put it away. I used my vacuum for a regular basis for about four or five months before I started to find that the vacuum was not as impressive as I thought it would be. For one, it didn't seem to be low to the ground enough to get good coverage. Because I am a pet owner, a good, thorough vacuuming job was very important to me. I also have allergies, so when do use my vacuum-cleaner, I expect a good quality, thorough job. Today, it has been two years since I purchased this machine and I have to say, I am not sure what all the excitement is about it. I'm not sure if it's the well-known TV commercials or the name itself, but I do not find this vacuum-cleaner any more impressive than some of the less expensive non-brand-name vacuum cleaners that I have owned. I was beginning to think even shortly after purchasing this vacuum, that perhaps there was just a lot of hype, and that it wasn't that fabulous after all.

I have taken my Oreck in for all of its scheduled service and maintenance without fail, to ensure that my warranty stayed good. As time had gone on, the vacuum did not clean my carpet as well as it used to. The people in the Oreck store were friendly and helpful, but they kept telling me that there was no problem with the machine. Because I have owned a few vacuums in my lifetime, I know better. I have enough experience vacuuming to have something to compare it to. At one point, I had to replace the vacuum brush for my handheld Oreck. I just about fell on the floor when I saw the prices for the genuine Oreck vacuum supplies. I decided to search around online for discount vacuum accessories and vacuum bags, and was quite pleased with the selection and prices that I found. I ordered what I needed, and I have not been disappointed. The vacuum accessories that I have purchased fit my vacuum-cleaner well and I have not found any reason not to use them. Vacuum bags can be extremely expensive, especially when they are Oreck vacuum bags. I have found these bags cheaper on other websites, as opposed to the official Oreck website.

In conclusion, if you have not already purchased an Oreck XL, you might want to hold off. To be honest, I'm really not impressed with this vacuum; at least, not for the price that I purchased it for. For the money I paid, I would expect much better performance, better pick up, and to not have to deal with small nuisances, such as the bumper guard falling off the bottom of the vacuum while I am vacuuming. Would I buy another Oreck? Nope. This time, I might look into getting a Dyson or some other type of vacuum, because the Oreck XL did not impress me.

Oreck XL Vacuum

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