So... You want to get out of teaching then? I don't understand why though...

I want a life,I hate marking for five hours every night. My blood pressure is 210 over 140, how long can I live with that kind of stress?

Come on. It's not that bad, I think you are exaggerating slightly.

If I did all the marking I am supposed to do, every child's book, every week that's how long it would take. If you are saying I am lying about my blood pressure, my doctor took it and that's what she told me it was. I am on beta blockers and I am only 40 years old!

So, are you giving me notice then?

Not yet, just kind of advance warning, so you can plan for next year. I hope to be leaving next July.

What are you going to do instead, then?

I've been working on replacing my teaching income for some time now. I have taken on a lot of exam marking and moderation. This year I expect to earn £5,000 from all my examining work. I will take on even more next year and hope to earn an extra £3,000 from that.

Can you live on £8,000 then? Plus the dole after the first three months of course.

No, that's only part of my plan to get out of teaching. My earnings on my tax return from private tuition this year were £7,000 and with no teaching from next July I will be able to do more tuition.

£7,000?? How much do you charge then? I might have to look into that myself. I hadn't realised…

What I charge is my business, but I am good and I don't come cheap. You won't get much change out of £40 an hour, though. I'll tell you that much.

Can you live on £ 15,000 then, I doubt it.

Plus the dole, plus what I am earning from my blog and from writing articles for websites. I expect to be better off. No petrol into school every day, no suits to buy either. I will certainly have a better quality of life.

Did you declare your blog and article writing to the school? You have to notify us of any second job, you do realise don't you?

Hah. And what if I told you that I did all my writing on a Sunday? You couldn't touch me.

What is this 'blog' anyway?

It's just my thoughts about teaching and how I plan to get out of teaching. Lots of people read it and maybe plan to follow me if things work out. Would you like to check it out yourself then? It's if you want to, anyway.

I hope you have not been spreading discontent amongst the other teacher, because if you have…

I have never mentioned it in school, so stop threatening me. Of course, that's not to say that half the staff are not reading it and planning to jump ship with me.

Calm down.

I'm perfectly calm, I can see a way to get out of teaching, after 5 years of looking.

How does this blog earn you money then? Do you charge people to read it?

I'm not that good. There are adverts on it and people pay me to post about certain topics. Oh, and if I refer someone to certain websites and they buy something there, I can earn $20, $60, even $125 every time, not that it happens that often mind.

$125? Just for recommending someone to go to a website, I find that difficult to believe…

I said they have to buy something. Say they buy web hosting that costs $150 a year, the company give me $125, but I did say it doesn't happen that often, remember.

Dollars though, who wants dollars? Colonial currency, I mean.

What year are you living in at all? Banks take dollars and give you pounds don't they?


And another thing what is this article writing stuff you mentioned?

You seem very concerned for my financial well-being all of a sudden…Or are you interested in doing some yourself, to supplement the £80,000 pay you get as principal?

Basically I write articles for various websites. The websites put my articles on their pages and they put adverts all around them. I earn part of all the money from the adverts.

That sounds like a scam to me. You don't really trust those Americans who run all those sites do you?

Some of the sites do rip you off, but I have learned the hard way which ones treat you fairly...

Come on then, tell me which ones are the best

Well…The best one is based in Canada, is that too American for you?

Canada is British Empire, I'll have you know, my boy.

Canada is Ok then? Even if they do speak French there?

Yes, yes…

It's called Info Barrel, They give you between 75% and 90% of the money from Google Adsense adverts. Other sites give you 50-60% at the most. Info Barrel also treats you very fairly. They run their business in a far more open manner than you run this school, for example.

Don't start again…So, let me get this right, you write articles, these Canadians at infobarrel put your articles on their website and they give you three quarters of the money they get from adverts on your articles. They pay you in some kind of foreign money that you can change at a bank into pounds, shillings and pence?

Basically yes, though, Google pay the money straight into your bank account in pounds. You have heard of Google, haven't you?

Of Course I Have! So you will be rich even before you leave teaching then?

Not very likely, but it is another way of earning a few dollars, sorry, pounds.

And those few dollars will mount up to reasonable sums, as I write hundreds of articles and as they are on there longer.

These articles then, if you are writing that many, they are only short ones?

No. 9 out of 10 of my articles are over 1,000 words. This is no churn them out quick, low quality site. My articles, and most of the articles on InfoBarrel are the same, high quality, good spelling and grammar, though I do use American spellings sometimes.

Anyway, I've given you advance warning, nothing in writing yet, but when you start planning for next year you'll be able to bear it in mind.

Thanks for that anyway, you say? mmmmm