Do you have a bathroom, stairway or even a laundry room that is rather challenging to keep warm and comfortable? For us, it was our kitchen. While we do have baseboard heating in our kitchen, for some reason it was just particularly difficult to keep the temperature comfortable and stable in there. Naturally when we would use the oven for cooking, the heat coming from the oven would warm up the kitchen. Nonetheless on a cool morning or during the winter, the kitchen would just take a while to finally warm up to the temperature of the downstairs.

For friends of ours, their problem room was their bathroom. They had purchased an older home and the home just did not have heat installed in that bathroom. Our friends would always leave the door open hoping that the air would naturally circulate in there and warm it up. But in the winter time, that strategy was not helping them out at all.

No Major Construction Projects


Quiet Toe Kick Space Heater

So the mission set out before us was how can we all heat up our trouble rooms without having to do any major construction or plumbing projects in our homes. The answer that we kept coming to was to use an electric space heater with a thermostat control. However, none of us wanted a unit that was going to take up space and look ugly just sitting in the room. So after a bit more researching we came across our answer, the Quiet Toe kick space heater with a built-in thermostat.

This kick space heater with the built-in thermostat was just what the doctor ordered. First of all, the unit installs under your cabinets in the area that is often referred to as the kick space or toe space. Second, the unit is electric and plugs into a normal socket. Last, I have seen these units offered in white, black and even brown. This particular feature is fantastic because it helped blend the heater into the kick space not making it an eye sore. Oh, and there is one more feature that I almost forgot to mention. This unit is made in America! That is right, not made in China or Twain, but made in America. That alone was almost enough to make me purchase this unit.

Built-in Thermostat


Kick Space Heater in room

As far as the built-in thermostat, that was a major plus as well. We simply set the thermostat to the same temperature as our other rooms and walk away. The unit will take care of itself and keep that room at your perfect temperature. Keep in mind, most kick space units on the market today do not offer a built-in thermostat. Instead, you need to purchase a thermostat that is compatible with you unit and have that wired in.

While the unit without a thermostat is cheaper from the start, when you add in the cost of purchasing one to go along with your unit, you end up paying about the same price. However, now you have to factor in a place to mount the thermostat as well as the additional cost of an electrician if you cannot install it yourself.

Quiet Toe Kick Space Heater