Writing articles for money is a new concept to many of my friends and relatives. They know that people can make money working from home by writing articles but they cannot believe they know somebody that does it. Some of my relatives treat me as a rock star. Some of my other relatives have written 1 or 2 articles for a website such as the former Ehow and then wondered why they could not earn hundreds of dollars. I tell them they got to write their butt off. You can no simply submit one article and then expect to earn a lot of money from it.

Some of my friends and relatives want me to show them how to make money online like I do. I always respond that I will show them what to do but if they do not do what I ask then they cannot learn what to do. I start of by telling them to make a list of things they find interesting. I ask them to do this so I can help them develop some niche blogs. 90 Percent of them never make the list.

If you cannot make a simple list of things you are interested in then I can help you no further. On the rare occasions when someone does make a list I then have them start a blog and make at least 100 posts. It has not happened yet. If a person cannot make 100 blog posts on something they are interested in then there is no way they can write enough to make writing worth it.

If they actually do ever make a lot of blog posts then I will have them publish articles on various websites such as Info Barrel and other content writing websites.

If my relatives actually want to make money writing then they need to follow some basic directions. It is like a teacher with a syllabus. I have a plan drawn out for them. If they as the student do not follow the plan then they cannot be successful using my plan.

I am not saying my plan is the only way to make it work because it is not. My plan however is the only way I will teach them what to do. If you want to earn money writing online like I do then you need to do it like I am doing it then you can modify it to your needs. Until that happens, keep working your job and quit bugging me about having me teach them what to do.