Why on earth would you pay nearly 500 dollars for a Magimix Food Processor? I have seen a food processor at the store for 30 dollars. Even high end models sell in the two hundred dollar range.

It seems almost absurd to pay so much for a food processor. In fact, in summary, it might be too much for what it actually does. Still, it does more stuff than its competition, and it does everything better.

First things first: this baby has functions. The Magimix Food Processor can do everything. It is not a one click system. This girl is like an electric organ, you have to punch a few buttons before anything is going to happen.

For instance, besides being a food processor it's also a mixer, citrus press, juice extractor, mandolin slicer, grater, mini chopper, and a blender. The machine kind of has a brain.

The motor changes its speed according to what it is doing. That is the key of the Magimix. It's for professionals, or people aspiring to be professionals. It makes no apologies for being complicated, and instead revels in its abilities.

The Magimix Food Processor is built to last. There are about a hundred ways a food processor can break on you. The motor can give out, the bowl can crack, the lid can shatter, the blades can dull, and on and on.

The Magimix is durable. You can feel its durability in the simple things. Take, for instance, clicking the bowl into place. There is no sign of a cheap mechanism during this process.

The decibel level of a food processor has always been a selling point for me. If you're going to use something in your kitchen every day it can't annoy you. Loud things annoy me. Comparatively, the Magimix Food Processor is a quiet machine. I'm not saying you can't hear it, but it purrs more than it roars.

Still, everything isn't perfect on the Magimix. I would have liked to have seen a larger tube on it. The passage is somewhat narrow for larger foods. This is not a food processor for everyone.

If you buy a processor for the sole purpose of chopping your onions, then this machine will be a little much for you. You should have some experience with food processors, or at least want to, before purchasing this item.

Also, this machine is heavy. If you are planning on moving this machine in and out of the cupboard, you might to buy a lighter machine. The Magimix Food Processor is a force to be reckoned with.

Simply put: you need to want to have it around. When it comes down to it I'm not sure the Magimix justifies its price. It does more than the competition, and it does it better, but it does not do it that much better.

If you are able to get one at a great deal, than go ahead and do it, but it might be wiser to just save the money and get a food processor almost as good.