Snow White and the HuntsmanCredit: google imagesCredit: google images

As a part of family night my husband, son and I went to see “Snow White and the Huntsman.”   The start of the movie reminded me of an old-fashioned Grimm's Fairy Tale.  As the narrator begins to tell the story, I could see the simple beauty of the original story.  As they showed a beautiful woman pricking her hand on a red rose against a snowy white backdrop, the story began.

            This dark story of the beautiful princess and the evil stepmother is told with exquisite cinematography and overplayed story lines.  One of the many things that struck me as odd about the movies was the first fight scenes.  They happened so fast that they didn’t seem to make much sense.  The Army made of glass that the Queen unleashed upon the army of the kingdom seemed beautiful and fragile at the same time. 

            The mirror that used was a very unique piece to the movie.  Not giving that part away, the mirror scene was exquisite and made me sit up in my seat waiting with expectation what would happen next.  Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron were over dramatic in the worst way in their roles.  Ms. Stewart in the role of Snow White made me feel heartfelt emotion for the pain and suffering of her lost kingdom.  As she called the people of her land to action, I felt her power and courage.  Her words moved them to action and me to cheer.   The only negative about the role is that it took Snow White from regal to ruthless which is a role not normally identified with the personification of the lovely princess.  With the beautiful and elegant Charlize Theron as the Queen, her looks seemed almost savage as she played this ultra villain.  As every scene unfolded, Ms. Theron appeared as a beauty with baggage.  As she talks about the trickery of men and how beauty is the only lasting power, you can feel her pain.  Instead of disliking her for how evil she appears to be; I found myself feeling sorry for her. 

            The huntsman’s role could have been stronger.  I felt that Chris Hemsworth’s role portrayed seemed a bit too cheesy for the significance he was to play in the story.  The vision of the director was appreciated.  The fairies, the turtle and all the other little magical creatures were a visual odyssey.  The lands were magical and the angry dwarfs added a new twist to the story.  One confusing point is that as you look at the dwarfs you will recognize immediately that they are not actually dwarfs, but real men made to look dwarfs.  For me, that in itself was a turn off.

            Overall, the movie was beautiful and interesting, but many fans of the Snow White fairy tale will be a bit disappointed.  Due to many of the roles being taken too far, the story seems rushed and a bit haphazard.  If you like Snow White and want to see the tale from a different perspective then by all means, head for the movies.