A Viking Food Processor is going to set you back about 350 dollars. This price seems high when compared other brands that range from 30 to 200 dollars.

The obvious question: is it worth its hefty price tag? Some people think it is and some people think it is not. One of the complaints that I'll hear about any given food processor is that it was not built to last.

One person I know when through several machines before finally using a Viking Food Processor. They were shocked that the machine could be so durable.

The Viking lasted longer than all the other machines combined. One thing that Viking seems to have going for it is longevity. Each piece seems to have been made for lasting.

On the other hand some people seem to think that the Viking brand isn't powerful enough. They've had trouble really grinding things. For a machine as expensive this it should really be able to take apart anything put into it.

Still, the sum of the machine's parts might be better than its whole. Its motor has been complimented again and again. It seems that no matter how much you put into a Viking Food Processor it is not going to slow down. It has a consistent and strong engine.

The bowls it comes with are heavy duty. This is not the case with other brands. Viking seems to triumph where others fail. In some ways, the Viking Food Processor was wisely built.

It is a heavier machine than most. I have to assume this is because they put so much into it. While this could be negative attribute of the machine, Viking turned it into a positive by putting wheels onto the base.

In spite of its weight, it is easy to maneuver, so the weight only assists in the stability of the machine. Still, weight needs to be considered as a hindrance. If you are unable to move this machine, you might have to have a permanent location for it on your kitchen counter. That is a nuisance easily avoided by purchasing a lighter machine.

The simplicity of a Viking Food Processor is a good thing and a bad thing. On one hand it's nice to be able to press one button and get a job done. On the other hand, it might be nice to have the option of pressing another button and getting something else done.

Viking seems to have wanted to go for easy-to-use rather than a processor for professionals. That is something people need to realize before they purchase a Viking Food Processor.

Lastly, there is the noise factor. Some food processors are as loud as blenders. The Viking Food Processor seems to be quieter than the competition. This might say things about what's going on inside, and how it might be running smoother than other machines.

While some people have their complaints with the Viking Food Processor, most people that invest the money to buy the machine are happy they did.