In the late summer of 2012 Baby Jogger released a new stroller that I love. Ever since I got my hands on my first City Mini I fell for their strollers but recently they have been pumping out new models which marry the best features of existing models together. The results are fantastic.

Earlier in the year The City Mini GT was released; I previously reviewed it here. It was like a souped up City Mini designed for rougher terrain and capable of transporting larger kids. The GT was a natural stroller to compliment the original Mini and along the same vein the new Versa stroller is a natural option to compliment the City Select strollers.

The City Versa Stroller by Baby JoggerThe City Versa stroller is basically a four wheeled stroller designed for one child. Like the existing Select strollers the Versa is reversible meaning the child can sit facing the parent or away from the parent. This is an awesome feature. If you’ve never been a parent before then you will quickly find that you want to face your baby in his or her earlier years but will eventually want your child to face the world when he or she gets older.

Not only is the Versa a reversible stroller but it also is built with Baby Joggers patented quick-fold technology. It can be folded up with one hand in once simple motion and it doesn’t even matter which direction the seat is facing. Some other strollers are easy to fold but the seat needs to be in certain positions – that is not the case with the Versa.

The Versa is basically a variation of the City Select stroller. The main difference is that it is not designed for two kids, only one. This obviously won’t work for parents needing two seats but for those who only need one it’s great. The stroller itself is a lot lighter as a result and because only one seat is built in the seat can accommodate a larger child.

As a parent of a toddler I can’t emphasize enough how much nicer it is to have a stroller that is bigger. My son is far more comfortable in the bigger strollers than the smaller ones and they end up being more comfortable for me to use as well. It’s rare that I take my son out in a stroller and don’t need a storage basket. The bigger strollers simply have more space and are more comfortable to use for both baby and parent.

The Versa stroller however is not just for older or bigger kids. The stroller is also perfectly fine for smaller kids and infants. So long as your baby can hold his head upright and doesn’t need to be in a completely flat position the Versa stroller will work well. The seat lays back significantly and as previously noted faces the parent which is more appropriate for small infants and newborns.

The Dimentions Of The Versa Stroller?

City Versa Stroller Specs

The Versa stroller is certainly not going to be the perfect stroller for everyone but it doesn’t try to be. It is a crossover product. If you need more space for multiple kids then definitely stick with the Select series of strollers. If you need an all terrain stroller for one child then the City Mini GT is more likely to be best for your buck. But for general everyday use around the town the City Versa is hard to beat.

The stroller only hit store shelves in summer of 2012 so it may be hard to find for a few months but you can always take a look at it online, pre-order it in a local store, or just wait for it to mature as a product and get stocked wherever Baby Jogger products are sold.