Why do I recommend WebAnswers?


Simply because it's fun! Not only that though... I have another reason. If you get any answers selected as best answer, you will earn revenue from the adsense ads on that page and even more importantly, WebAnswers give you a free lesson on their site about how to increase your revenue... Basically, the guide explains to you in plain english how to promote your webanswers best answers. This has 2 main benefits. First of all, you'll earn more money through adsense when you promote your material effectively and secondly, the things you learn about promoting your best answers can be applied to all your other internet marketing ventures.


On infobarrel like in internet marketing in general, writing and creating content is only half the battle. The other half consists of promoting yourself, your brand, and your articles, or products, or whatever...


That's why it's essential to grab any opportunity you get to learn more about promoting things on the internet. I'm brand new to both InfoBarrel and WebAnswers but I'm already a big fan because I intend on using these platforms as a launching pad to bigger and better things.


I plan on continuing to write here on InfoBarrel and answer questions on WebAnswers simply because it is all fun to me. I really believe that if you do the things you love to do with your life, the money will follow.


Don't worry so much about keywords or SEO like Ernie suggests, instead write about topics that actually interest you and you will end up making money either way.


In my opinion, it's draining to write about topics that don't even interest you just to make money. In addition, readers can sense that you're only after the money as opposed to writing or answering questions to really create value for them.


I also believe that if you write about things that actually interest you, it will show in your writing and people will actually enjoy reading your articles or answers or blog, etc...


I'm going to keep a log of my earnings here on infobarrel as well as on webanswers to test my theory that money will follow if I do the things I love. Who knows? Maybe I'm just in denial... Maybe the only way to make money online is through keyword research and SEO. Only time will tell. And I'll be sure to let you know once I find the answer to this question. 

Good luck to you!

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