Howie’s Tactical Cash Flow is a promising blog that will pack your search with lots of unique internet marketing strategies. In his blog, you will learn that honesty is one of the main foundations of successful online money-making. 

The Tactical Cash Flow isn’t like any other blog on online money-making. It is a unique and transparent blog that follows The Five Cornerstone Principles of TCF or better known as T.O.R.C.H. In simpler terms, the warrior-minded acronym stands for Transparency, Originality, Revenue Share, Commitment and Honesty.

You might wonder whose behind the blog and why does it seem to be structured in the likes of an army. Well, that’s because the blogger behind the Tactical Cash Flow is a soldier turned male nurse turned internet marketer named Howie. But mind you, the tone of his posts may seem like he’s a professional writer from a certain publishing company. 

As for the blog, I could say that it is neatly designed. The color combination isn’t too flashy. The subscribe buttons are neatly placed on top of the search box and the text isn’t too small or too large for the eyes to see.

The posts are also very comprehensive but it would be better if there are images somewhere in the middle so our eyes won’t get too stressed even if the post gets lengthy.

But what is more important is that we get all the fresh updates from the blogger’s range of internet marketing strategies. You will also notice how the blogger spent most of his efforts on writing articles though InfoBarrel as he applies his own tactics.



I could say that the Tactical Cash Flow has the potential to inspire a lot of readers. The great concept is there and the strategy has already been applied. Thus, we’re surely hoping to witness the success of these strategies for this could be used as one of our main frameworks towards earning online. 

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