Long Tail Pro Review
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Long Tail Pro- An Honest Review

I am one of those people that feels the need to research absolutely everything before making a purchase.  I leave no stone unturned, check under every leaf, and make sure that I am getting the best deal possible.  Basically, I am thourough and cheap!

When it came to finding a keyword research tool to help me find the best keywords for my articles here on Infobarrel and for my niche sites, I knew that when I found thsi tool that I had found a winner. You can try Long Tail Pro Free for 10 days.

First of all, it fit with my overall internet marketing strategy, which is to find low competition keywords, and then write about them with awesome, reader-focused content.  I had no interest in building a mega-site about "mortgages" (snore!).  So, I knew that finding that "low-hanging fruit" was going to be key for me.

There are tons of great training videos available to you after you purchase the LTP software, so I had no problem at all figuring out how to use it. 

Here are some of the topics that are covered in the videos, just to give you an idea:[1]

  • 7 Steps to Building Successful Niche Sites
  • In depth instructions on Finding Keywords
  • How to Profit from Keywords
  • 5 Keys to Analyzing the Google Competition
  • Specific Examples of Good and Bad Keywords
  • How to Provide Relevant Content
  • How to Rank Quickly in Google
  • How to Maximize Your Earnings with Google Adsense
  • Specific Examples of Adsense Layouts and Optimization techniques

Second of all, the price was right.   Being at a much lower price point than other comporable products (more on that later), I knew that this was going to be a good fit for me.   There was no way that I was going to shell out hundreds of dollars on a tool that cannot guarantee success- you must add hard work to even the best keyword research to have any chance of success.


Here are the things that make LTP stand out from the crowd for me:

1-Helps me find great Long Tail Keywords

2-Gives me tons of information on that keyword phrases' competition

3-Works very quickly, especially compared to the more costly tools such as Market Samurai

4-If you use LTP Platinum, it calculates the Keyword Competitiveness score for you, which saves you even more time.

Introduction to Long Tail Pro

What is Long Tail Pro?

This tool is essentially a keyword research tool.  It helps you find those low-competition keywords that are easy to rank for. Let's be honest- you can write the finest article that was ever written, but if you can't get any traffic to it, it will never make you any money.  Maybe a few cents at best. 

If you want to make money from writing articles online or from your niche sites, your keyword research is the #1 thing that will help you succeed.  Which is where LTP comes in. 

What are "Long Tail" keywords?

In a nutshell, they are keywords that people use to find your article or site that are usually comprised of several words, all strung together (hence the term "long".)  For example, "diapers" is a keyword that is searched frequently.  But it isn't a long-tail term, and there is tons of competition for it.  There are millions of sites out there targeting the keyword "diapers", and you will never rank for it unless you've got 10 years and a high marketing budget to blow through (and even then you'd be hard-pressed.)  But the keyword phrase "bum genius cloth diapers" is an example of a long-tail keyword.  This phrase has a lower search volume, but a much lower competitiveness score, so you will have a much easier time ranking for this.  I'd rather be page 1 of google search results for a term with 1000 local searches, than page 10 of google search results for a term with 10,000 local searches.  You will never be found in the latter case. 

And if you think about it, there is tons more traffic generated by longer keyword phrases in total than the shorter phrases.  Yes, many people search for "diapers" every month, but in total, more people search for "____diapers" or "how to ____ diaper", etc etc.  Thing about how you typically search for something.  I know that my search terms are almost always 3-4 words long plus!

Quick Demo of the LTP software in action

But how much is Long Tail Pro?

First of all, you can try it for free for 10 days.  I think that's what really hooked me at first, because I really like to try it before I buy it, especially with something that can impact my business so much as a primary keyword research tool keyword research tool.

After you've tried it, there are 2 options for pricing:

1. Long Tail Pro (one time purchase, no monthly cost)

Depending on the specials that are currently running (the links in this article will take you to the current special pricing page), you can purchase LTP at a one-time cost for under 100 bucks and get the full service with lifetime upgrades.  No monthly bill. 

Here are the main features:

  • Search Multiple Keywords at Once
  • Generate up to 800 results per seed keyword
  • Pre-filter keywords
  • Automatically find Domains
  • Google or Bing Title Competition
  • Competitor Analysis on top 10 Google Results
  • Check Rankings of sites in Google, Yahoo, and Bing

2. LTP + Platinum

This option is a one time cost, plus a recurring monthly subscription that is under 20 bucks a month.  It has all the featres of LTP, plus the following:

  • Calculate Keyword Competitiveness
  • Save Favorite Keywords
  • Import Lists of Keywords
  • Auto-Search and Track Rankings (coming soon)
  • Create custom calculations from keyword results

The good thing is, you can try it for free to experience it, then if you feel more comfortable with a one-time only cost, you can try it without the platinum features at first.  This is what I did, because I did not want to commit to a monthly fee without really knowing how great it was going to work for me over a certain period of time.  Then you can upgrade to the platinum features, but there is no contract so if you find you can live without them, you can cancel any time, but still receive the lifetime upgrades and use of the LTPro. 

I hopw that this article has been helpful to you in determining if this software might be a good fit for your keyword research-- let me know how you like it.