Samsung Galaxy S3

My Samsung Galaxy S3 Experience!

I am a new Samsung Galaxy S3 owner and this review will cover my experiences and some statistics and specs on this amazing phone. Having upgraded from a Droid X this was a giant leap both in computing power and the transition to the 4G network.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a much bigger phone than my old phone, but this isn't a bad thing. The screen size comes in at a whopping 4.8 inches with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. This size of a screen makes multimedia, games, and web browsing a very pleasant experience. One of my favorite things about the S3 screen is how crisp and clear the images are. Instead of being pixellated and grainy like my old Droid X, this screen is very fluid and clear.

After playing around with some options and getting all of my apps in order I decided to dive further into more features and study this phone more. The smooth transition between pages on the main screen and into Android applications is flawless and looks fantastic. There are no hiccups in the operating system and even with Pandora playing music and having a bunch of apps loaded the system cranked along smoothly and without hesitation.

Web browsing is very smooth and enjoyable with the fast quad core processor this thing possesses. That coupled with the big screen means that there is more room for reading and therefore less scrolling. Turning the phone on its side to flip the browser to a more horizontal mode fits just about any website with ease. When browsing websites to view videos, there is no challenge in transitioning from site to video with a simple menu to select your video player. I just use the default video player and it's extremely simple to use and the videos play flawlessly.

Smartphone battery

The Big Question....How is the Battery Life?

Getting the Samsung Galaxy S3 was not only just a big jump in processing power and size, but it was also a nice leap forward in battery life. While having 4G enabled still drains this phone's battery quickly (as expected), there is definitely a noteble improvement in battery life from my old Droid X. There comes built into the S3 operating system a power saver mode that assists in battery life. The most notable thing I notice about this option is when browsing the web it dims the screen so it saves on the battery. Very helpful default option, though I still chose to install JuiceDefender since I was used to it and liked it.

The battery ranges widely in life depending on what activities you do on the phone. If you use it strictly for talking on the phone I found that the battery life lasted about 20-22 hours. Again it's nice that the phone goes dark immediately when I put it up to my ear so that also saves battery life. If I had a day of very active multimedia / video watching the battery life drained to a mere 11 hours but that was still impressive to me with all that use. If I crank out the 4G network and really pile on the apps then I noticed the battery life plummeted to about 6-7 hours. So again it's what activities I chose to do so it's hard to measure, but overall the battery life with the default power saver mode or JuiceDefender was very impressive!


The incredible S3 camera

Yes oh yes....the camera on a smartphone was a big and very important part of my choice because I don't own a regular digital camera. But I always have my phone so I use my phone as a camera instead. So it was no surprise that when I was looking at the S3 specs and testing it out I tried the camera and fell in love immediately. Not only does this phone take tremendous 1920 x 1080 high quality 1080p HD photos which is amazing in it's own right, but it also has a frontfacing camera so you no longer have to turn your phone around with friends and family. That is new and impressive to have two cameras and the back facing one takes such beautiful photos. The camera also has a ton of features built in including face recognition and auto focus. There are a ton more but these two are the ones I loved the most.

How things are going after owning it for a while

Now that I've used this phone for a while, I can safely say that the Galaxy S3 is a fantastic smartphone for any multimedia enthusiast such as myself. I've taken a ton of photos with the nice camera on my hikes in Colorado and the views are spectacular. The phone runs smoothly even after all the apps and processes I run and nothing has hiccupped since. All apps are compatible and never had a crash except for facebook....but that's because it's facebook. I highly recommend the Galaxy S3 and will be using this beautiful phone for years to come.