My Saggy Belly Is Disgusting to My Husband

Julie, 29 Years Old

My confession is simple. I have always been fat and I didn't think I was over weight until when I got into a fight with my husband and he said that I was fat and disgusting. It was in the heat of  an argument as I insulted his manhood so he retaliated by calling me a disgusting fat cow with a saggy belly. I was shocked that I stormed out and cried in the toilet. That was some weeks back and all is now forgiven. I have learned not to insult him if I don't want to hear comments about my weight. I have to say that I am very touchy when anyone and mostly my husband hints that I am fat.

I have started to do more about my weight. I have a saggy belly and no amount of sit ups has been able to shift my belly weight. I hate what I see when I look at myself in the mirror. I can't stand the idea of getting a tummy tuck or anything to do with surgery. I bought some body shapers to keep my saggy belly in check. I know I am only hiding the problem but that is the only thing that seems to help a little. I am afraid that dieting and weight loss will make things worse.

My husband gets a sadistic joy in pulling on my saggy belly. He doesn't even do it to tease me but it seems to be some sort of fetish pleasure he gets from trying to find my belly button. At times it bothers me but I just try to ignore it because it makes him happy. Most men will probably fondle their wives breasts but I guess my saggy belly has become a third breast for him. I am still doing my little sit ups in the hope that I can shift some fat and reduce my saggy belly.

I Am Lonely and I Am Fat - Dealing with Loneliness

Julia, 25 years old

I have many friends and I try to socialize a lot. I have a good job that keeps me busy. That being the case, I still feel lonely and fat. Well, the fat part is not just a feeling, I am a fat woman and I sometimes hate myself for letting myself go. I don't have a steady boyfriend and I sometimes attribute that to the fact that I am a fat woman. I joined the local gym to try and get off my lazy behind but I get depressed whenever I go there. I get the feeling that everyone at the gym is so skinny and that I am the only big girl there. I wonder if all the fat women of my size are all extinct or they just stay at home and don't bother trying to exercise. I stopped going to the gym and the only exercise I do is sit in front of the TV and stuff myself.

I am often lonely at night when I don't feel like going out of doing anything. I can't stand being alone in n empty house. I can't stand having to go out just because I can't stand being by myself. I hate the loneliness of the evenings and I feel that it is even worse than being fat. I know why I am a fat woman. I eat a lot and don't do much in the way of exercise. I have really tried dieting in order to lose weight. I love to eat so weight loss is not the top of my priority at the moment. I wish I could close my eyes and wake up the next day having shed half of my excess weight. I know I am not alone but loneliness and being fat are just horrible.

I don't want to be lonely and I know what I need to do. I don't want to be fat but I can't stop eating. Am I fat because I am lonely or am I lonely because I am a fat woman? I don't know but being a fat lonely woman is a curse.

The Dolce Diet, Is it the Best Dieting Plan for You

When you are thinking about dieting your will know doubt look for the best dieting plan that will fit your lifestyle and make your lose weight. That is what a lot of people do in their quest to lose weight. What about the dolce diet? Well, if you know where the dolce diet originates from you will probably wonder if this is the best dieting plan for you. That is because the dolce diet is meant for fighters. If you are not a fighter or you don't plan to become one, the dolce diet might not be the best dieting plan for you. Most professional fighters will want to lose weight and at the same time train hard to keep their strength level up. Most people who want to diet will not want to go through such a tough training session like those on the dolce diet. It doesn't mean that the dolce diet is not good or that it is bad. It just means you need to know what you are getting into the dolce diet plan.

The dolce diet is not like the weight watchers pro point plan. If you are into active sport and want to build up your muscle and strength, you might want to give the dolce diet a try. If that is not your situation, you can try other weight loss plans like the Aitkens diet plan or the weight watchers pro point plan.