Just years ago when plasma televisions were introduced to the general public they were an expense most households couldn't afford. Sanyo is one of electronic's finest companies striving to make plasma televisions an inexpensive luxury appliance for endless home entertainment.

Sanyo's plasma models have a black and silver design that is simply loaded with features. The Sanyo plasma television comes standard with their "True Flat Screen Picture" feature which decreases distortion, providing that seamless plasma viewing picture. Similar to most plasma models, the Sanyo version does not pick up reflections from other light in the room like other non-plasma televisions do.

The Sanyo Plasma tv bodes both analog and digital tuning capabilities as well as the increasingly popular high definition ready option. Sanyo's plasma also has included features to ensure your children's safety with their easy to use parental control monitoring system.

The plasma set possesses convenience with headphone compatibility for sound control and it's built-in sleep timer to prevent running the television all night should you fall asleep.

Sanyo has been selling their plasma televisions quite well for the past few years. The Sanyo company is a slightly more popular brand in China versus the States. Currently they are gaining sales in America for two reasons:

The first is Sanyo's commitment to customer service. Anytime they sell a plasma tv, a one year warranty is provided with the purchase. Some plasma manufacturers only distribute warranties for shorter terms as in a 90 day period to six months.

Secondly, when buying a Sanyo Plasma tv your purchase is worry-free, they have been known to provide a full refund in the event you incur any issues with one of their plasma models. With other customer discrepancies, Sanyo has also shipped out a replacement one quickly to keep their patrons happy.

The Sanyo Plasma tv is one of high quality for any home at a much lower price point. While some television giants are still asking thousands for their models, Sanyo's plasma can retail from just under a thousand dollars and up depending on the size of the screen.

These models are sold in most major department stores that sell electronics as well as online. If shopping online, do subtotal the shipping costs as these are around eighty pounds of freight to ship. Taking into consideration how easy the Sanyo Plasma tv is to operate, the quality picture it has and the great customer service they provide, you are getting a lot of tv for a low price.