For 35 years, Schlage has provided various versions of door knobs for home projects. Believe it or not, the door knob provider industry is very competitive and among the top ranks are two popular brands, including Schlage.

From antique versions to traditional round door knobs, Schlage provides a variety of knobs that most other companies don't expand to. Schlage door knobs have been known to both comfort and secure a consumer without anything more than installation.

There are three things about Schlage door knobs that you should know before purchasing and they're price, variety, and availability. Remembering these three things can help you figure out if Schlage knobs are right for your situation.

As a provider of door knobs for years, Schlage's prices are relatively middle of the road. In some cases where some one might be looking for a more designer knob, say for a front door, Schlage knobs can get a little costly and might not be worth it.

For interior design purposes it's always wise to make your knobs match throughout the house and Schlage knobs will make you want to do so. As long as you're not choosing something that's expensive you should be all right.

Variety is a big deal when making any kind of purchase. Schlage has been able to provide literally hundreds of different varieties for years without a glitch. Schlage is not lacking in this department, but there are some popular sellers that you might want to avoid if you like to be different.

As far as uniformity throughout the house, being able to choose from several different options in gold, silver, chrome, or other antique types can save you a lot of headaches. If you find yourself browsing Schlage's website you might actually feel a little overwhelmed.

It's best to go into this site by knowing what you want at least on some level; if you want chrome, then only search chrome options or you will find yourself in a maze you can't get out of with temptation after temptation. Too much of a good thing can also be bad.

Finally, Schlage's availability is like most sites, where you never know what you're going to get. While often times they are hardly ever sold out, you will find that sometimes they are sold out of the more popular items which are commonly the most common knobs.

Whether you're remodeling, moving into a new home, or building a home from scratch, Schlage has a great availability and a wide variety to choose from. From French door handles, to the traditional lock and key set, Schlage's variety is very full.

Schlage makes sure that their clients are taken care of through this wide variety and warranties on their products, however, it's not uncommon to find that something is sold out. The good news, however, is that you can do a wide search for Schlage and come up with price comparisons on the spot to combat some of the more expensive styles.

Schlage is a durable, clean looking brand that provides much of the population with quality merchandise and so it's no surprise that they have been in business for as long as they have.