I am always searching for the perfect fising rod and reel combination for a variety of presentations that I use for bass fishing. To effectively work a presentation you must have the correct equipment, which includes a rod and reel combination that are matched. If you are just getting into bass fishing, you really owe it to yourself to invest in some good rod and reel combinations.

Wacky rigging is a presentation that consists of a small do-nothing worm and a hook. The worm is usually between 4 and six inches long and weighs next to nothing. The challenge in finding a good rod and reel combination is threefold:

1)  You must cast this lightweight worm, sometimes in clear water you need to cast it a long way, and:

2) You need a rod that is sensitive enough to feel a bite in the weeds and far away.

3) The rod also needs to have enough backbone in order to drive a hook home using monofilament line at a long distance.

The rod must be long enough to cast a lightweight worm. I prefer to use a one-piece seven-foot rod. The difficult part is to find a rod that is sensitive enough to detect a strike, yet beefy enough to be capable of driving home a hook.

Finding a rod that possesses all of these qualities is a dilemma. Most rods are either too whippy to effectively set a hook. Real whippy rods can fling a lure a mile, but they have no sensitivity or backbone. A nice compromise is a one piece, and medium power rod. I have owned many rods in my life and one of them that has preformed very well. That rod is Fenwick's HMXS 70M-F. With medium power, it has the backbone that is necessary to set the hook on even the largest bass. The combination of cork handle, fast taper, and IM7 graphite give this rod superior sensitivity. This has been my go-to rod as far as wacky rigging goes.

As far as reels go, you need one that is lightweight, smooth when you reel and has a very smooth drag system. Another problem I see is that many reels will be worn out in a year with as much as I use them. Abu Garcia has a reel called the Soron SX. This is a reasonably priced reel, yet it has many great features as well. When I elevate reels I seek to balance price vs features such as ball bearings.The Soron SX10 has 6 ball bearings, a continuous anti-reverse system, and is constructed of a very tough allot so it will not rust or break. I need a reel that can stand up to the elements, as well as being used every single day during the spring and summer. This reel has proven to me that it can do that!

If you are really beginning to get into bass fishing, or you are a seasoned pro, you will benefit from this rod and reel combo if you wacky rig. I have wacky rigged for a decade now and have used lots of different combos, this particular one will really help you with your wacky rigging.


Abu Garcia Soron SX10
Credit: Google Products