Whoo-hoo!  Month two!  This month has been a wait and see period.  The goal of this month was to see how the 10 articles I wrote the previous month performed without any intervention.  Two out of those ten articles were featured which helped tremendously with their views.  None of the articles were directed to or featured anywhere else on the internet, nor were they edited in any way this month.  I have a lot of learning to do regarding key word research so I imagine I will eventually edit them to improve their performance.  For now, however, it's been interesting to just watch them and observe their passive performance.  The only non-passive activity I've done in the second month is write a first month performance report (and while that article is capable of earning money, it has not yet).  All of the other ten articles I have written so far have earned money. 


 Second Month Results

I got started writing on Infobarrel on October 3rd, 2013.  Second month results for November, 2013, are as follows:

* 10 articles written in month one have collectively procured an additional 197 views (largely due to 2 of them having been featured).  They have produced an additional  34 reads and $1.62.

* The most successful article so far is "Do_You_Have_What_it_Takes_to_Become_a_Business_Owner" with 153 views, 24 reads, and a total of $1.46 earned since it was written.

* I made $1.08 on one of my images from the above article which is factored into the total amount that article has earned so far.

* Article scores ranged from 56 to 78.  The article scores have been rising with time.

* Non-featured articles have been receiving views/reads at a snail's pace.  The most unsuccessful one only received several views for the month and is now at a total of 12 views.

* Someone I am very grateful to signed up to begin writing on Infobarrel through me.  I earned a residual $.06 from this person's earnings.    

* The grand total since beginning on Infobarrel is now 11 articles, 2 features, $3.16 earned, 488 views, and 57 reads. 

I am pleased with these results so far, especially since the second month earned more than the first.  Consistent baby steps will ultimately win the day towards a much larger vision of beginning an online business.  It's a good feeling to be earning money without lifting a finger, even if it is just a very small amount at the moment.    

Best wishes for all your endeavors!