Second Month on Infobarrel

February 2011 was my second month on Infobarrel, and as I expected, my earnings took a dive.

In the first month, I had made $2.41 with a total of 30 articles.

In the second month, I made a grand total of $1.18 from Google Adsense with a total of 42 articles. I did not make any money with Chitika or Amazon.

I was not surprised to see a decline in earnings. There seemed to be a lot of glitches with the upgrade to Infobarrel 2.0. Also, I did not write that many articles in February because I teach during the days  in addition to writing for other online sites.

I'm not seeking immediate payoff for my Infobarrel earnings. I'm trying to gradually build up a longterm stream of passive income. I'm confident that once I hit a few hundred, I'll have a nice cushion of residuals.

My goals for March 2011 are to have a total of 60 articles. I wish I could write more, but my "real" job takes up most of my time. Unfortunately I have to give writing priorities to places that will give upfront payments.

Other Online Writing

I did see a nice increase in earnings at Associated Content. Their featured contributor program allows for higher upfront payments and a steady stream of page views from other Yahoo sites. The Yahoo buyout of Associated Content has definitely given writers a chance to gain more exposure for their work.

Next month, Associated Content is upgrading their featured contributor program to allow even more opportunities for writers. We'll see how it works out.

Examiner can be a crapshoot depending on the topic. I am lucky enough to cover a popular celebrity, but last month, my celebrity kept a low profile and didn't generate too many headlines (this was probably a wise move for her, but it led to a slight dip in my earnings over there).

I have not written for Demand Studios in months. While I enjoy the quick upfront payments, I am looking to increase my residual income (hence my writing for Infobarrel).

I have not tried writing for other ad revenue sites like HubPages, Suite 101, Buksia, or Xomba. Right now, I'm trying to focus my ad revenue efforts in one place, and Infobarrel seems like the best bet because of the friendly community and relatively new presence on the web.

For now, it looks like February's earnings dip was probably temporary because of the upgrade to Infobarrel 2.0. Hopefully I'll be able to make up some ground on Infobarrel next month!