January of 2013 was a great month for me. My online earnings exploded. I posted zero new articles online yet I made tons of money. It is all thanks to passive income generated from previously written articles. Over the past few years that I have been a member on Infobarrel, I have written a few hundred articles. Every day I am receiving views from those articles. Recently I have started a new project to promote my online content. I have discovered the use of Google Analytics to help promote my content.   Using Google Analytics I have been able to track where my traffic is coming from, this has helped me to focus in on the sites that are generating the most traffic for me. 

       January has been a discovery month for me. I have learnt to use great new software and tools to improve my internet earnings and in the next few articles I will teach you how to improve your earnings online by doing this too. 

      Here is a short list of the new things I have discovered in January that have helped me to increase my Income online.

Google Analytics: This tool has become an essential part of my tool belt. Using Google Analytics I have been able to track almost everything related to my site. I have been able to run tests to see how new designs and features work. By using Google Analytics I discovered that my site Livinsport had a bug on the registration page. I noticed that people using safari were not joining the site. They had a very high bounce rate. As I dove deeper into this I discovered a bug where people using Safari could not  register. My team and I were able to fix this. Now users who visit our site using Safari are able to join!


Forums: Forums especially the Warrior forum have given me the opportunity to create a voice for myself and company. I have generated more than 2,000 unique views to my sites via forums. By posting a link to my site in the signature section, I am able to build high quality links leading back to my site. These links have helped me to rank better in Google.


Traffic Networks: I am still experimenting with traffic networks but basically by using a traffic network I am able to generate traffic to my site. Traffic networks allow users to view other people websites in return for getting their website viewed also. So for every website I view I get one view back to my site. I am still experimenting with this to see if it yields positive results. The quality of the traffic seems low, the bounce rate is close too 100% hopefully though as time passes that bounce rate will go down to 50-70%.



Email Blasts: I never thought that email blasts works until I tried it in January.  I messaged 500 people telling them to visit my site and about 10 percent of them actually came and visited.  By targeting certain groups of people(ie. sports people,bloggers ect) I was able to generate a significant amount of interest for my site.


Social Media: Social media is the key to building a brand.  I created a twitter,Facebook, even LinkedIn page for my company, By seriously promoting these I am able to drum up support and interest for my site.  Roughly 40 percent of unique visitors who come to my site come through social media channels. 40 percent is a lot.  Social media is key to business. Most companies have some sort if social media set up already and the ones that don't put themselves at a huge disadvantage. Social media is key to a successful internet venture.

  Social media sites like Facebook and twitter offer also another added benefit, they are very beneficial for link building. These sites rank well in search engines, and  should be apart of your link building strategy. Posting your site link on twitter can yield great results in terms of traffic and link building. Many people retweet twitter posts which gives more exposure to the original tweeter.   My site Livinsport is a social media platform for athletes,coaches scouts and even fans. On the site users can make profiles and post tons of content such as comments,videos and photos. By using my site users can gain exposure. Using Social networking sites like Livinsport can help your business. By making a profile and posting the link of your website or building a following you can spread the word about your business. It is an easy and fun way to expand your business.



In conclusion January of 2013 has taught me a whole lot about business. I have almost doubled my online earnings by doing a few simple things. In February I will continue to use these new strategies to make money online. Hopefully this article has given you some insight on to how to improve your online earnings. If you have any questions or comments please write them down below, also be sure to check out some of my other articles posted on the site.