If you haven’t heard of the recent book, The 4-Hour Body, by Tim Ferriss, then you must be living in a closet somewhere. Author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller, The 4-Hour Workweek, Tim has created a book that teaches you how to literally “hack” your body. From gaining 30 lbs of muscle in 28 days to training your body to sleep only two hours per night while feeling like you’ve slept eight.

One of the sections that I have devoted the last five weeks to is the Slow-Carb Diet. Don’t get it wrong, it’s not the Atkins Diet, and it’s not a low-carb diet. We’ll explain this diet in this article, but you should understand that this may be the best way to do a diet. And if this diet, or even this book, sounds like something you’d enjoy doing, then go on over to Amazon and purchase The 4-Hour Body.

My Journey Thus Far (The Last 5 Weeks on the Slow-Carb Diet)

I have only been on this diet for the last 5 weeks, but I’ve seen some amazing results. I’m wrestling with the idea of putting this section after the Slow-Carb Diet explanation because you may not understand why I go up and down in weight so much. But trust me, this diet really works. I have lost 13 lbs in the last 5 weeks and I have one more day left, so that will definitely turn into 14 lbs. But then I might gain a few more lbs come Sunday (and you’ll see why later in the article). But here are my weight changes for the past 5 weeks:

Week 1

Monday: 214 lbs

Thursday: 211.4 lbs

Friday: 211.4 lbs

Saturday: 209.2 lbs

Week 2

Sunday: 211.6 lbs

Monday: 209 lbs

Tuesday: 209 lbs

Wednesday: 209 lbs

Thursday: 207.2 lbs

Friday: 205.5 lbs

Saturday: 205.5 lbs

Week 3 (This was a bad week because my wife was gone and I ate too much peanut butter – ¾ of a jar)

Sunday: 210.1 lbs

Monday: 210.1 lbs

Tuesday: 210.1 lbs

Wednesday: 207.5 lbs

Thursday: 207.5 lbs

Friday: 207.5 lbs

Saturday: 205.2 lbs (still lost 0.3 lbs)

Week 4

Sunday: 206.6 lbs

Monday: 206.6 lbs

Tuesday: 204.8 lbs

Wednesday: 205.9 lbs

Thursday: 203.7 lbs

Friday: 203.3 lbs

Saturday: 203.3 lbs

Week 5

Sunday: 203.3 lbs

Monday: 201.9 lbs

Tuesday: 201.9 lbs

Wednesday: 202.2 lbs

Thursday: 201.1 lbs

Friday: 201.1 lbs

Saturday: 201.1 lbs

So you can see that every Sunday my weight went up a couple pounds because of the Saturday cheat day. You can read more about that below. My goal weight is around 185 lbs, so it will take a couple more weeks. Then I’ll begin building muscle the 4-Hour Body way!

My Slow-Carb Diet Meals

So these are the basic meals that I eat. They get pretty old, pretty fast, but the results keep me going. For breakfast I’ll usually cook up 5 whole eggs (scrambled) and mix in a few black beans and some sugar-free salsa. For lunch I will eat chicken, beans, and veggies. Making them in a stir-fry type meal is great. For supper I’ll make a huge pot of ground beef, sugar free salsa, beans, and veggies. I’ll put some salt and Creole spice on it as well to spice it up. This is my favorite meal so far. Oh, and I drink a gallon water each and every day. It’s hard, but well worth it. Water definitely helps in the weight loss.

Other meals may consist of fish, pork, or steak with the regular beans and veggies. I love black beans compared to any other. I hate lentils. But all in all, it’s not been that bead. The first two weeks are the hardest. Especially if you’re a sugar addict like I am. It will drive you crazy, but the cravings will go away. Trust me.

But here’s my favorite meal plans. It’s usually the same on Saturdays. So this is what I eat on my break day:

  • Energy Drink (maybe 2)
  • Pancakes with lots of syrup
  • The new Reese’s minis
  • Pizza Hut large pizza (almost the whole thing)
  • Ice-cream
  • McDonalds or Sonic for burger, fries, and ice-cream
  • Any type of chips around the house
  • Lots of water

The Actual Slow-Carb Diet

The Slow-Carb Diet consists of doing the minimum amount for gaining the largest results. I’ve heard in Men’s Health magazine that if you want to be in shape, 80% of that comes from eating the right foods. Protein is king when it comes to losing weight and when it comes to gaining muscle.

Tim discusses how many people go on diets and then quit after a few weeks (if that long). I was one of those people. But because of how this diet is organized, it allows you to get the fix that you need once per week. Here’s how it works:

  • For 6 days of the week you must eat your beans, meat, and vegetables.
  • On the 7th day you are allowed to pig out. And I mean PIG OUT!
  • Then 6 days of beans, meat, and veggies.
  • Then 1 day of all out sugar intake (whatever you want!)
  • And so on.

In this way, you are getting all of the protein you need during the week and you have a day to not worry about anything. What I’ve found is that this keeps me going strong during the week. As you can see by my meal plan, I get my sugar fix on Saturday. So this has kept me strong during the week and I’ve still lost 13 lbs. Crazy huh!


If you’re on the fence about this, go get this book. It will change your life. The book goes into much more detail about how this diet works and what foods you can and cannot eat. Just try it and come back to comment below. Lord knows how many diets you’ve tried in the past. This diet is not only making me lose weight, but I’m gaining lean muscle by eating so much protein too! What a great exchange! This is certainly possible for you too. Let us know what you think. I wish you the best of luck in your weight loss journey!