I hooked a large one. I had been catching little brook trout all morning but I could see this one was different. It was large and heavy. The coloring was bright pink. Not salmon pink but true pink. I had hooked my daughter's camp chair. I was getting frustrated with my cheap reel and was concentrating on finding out what was wrong with the reel. As I cast back the pink camp chair was located behind me about 3 feet. I hooked the chair and my line did not snap as the chair flew into the pond.

I had been griping that my line was too heavy for the brook trout fishing and wanted to switch to some 6 pound test line but I had none with me. As I reeled in my daughters bright pink folding camp chair I was grateful that I had the heavier line on. If it was not for the heavy test line I may have had to wade out in the shark filled waters to retrieve her chair.

I have a habit of snagging stuff behind me. I have not snagged a human since I was a child but I have snagged plenty of other things with my hook when trying to cast out. One time I gave a ride to a chipmunk. He looked pretty scared but at least he could swim and made it back to shore. That poor chipmunk never came back for more Doritos.

I snagged a new package of expensive snelled hooks. In one single cast I lost 75 snelled hooks. I put on a treble hook and tried to snag my package all day to get it back but to no avail.

I once snagged my jar of PowerBait and it spread all over the lake. The fish ate well that day but my fellow fishermen were a bit upset with me.

Snagging stuff when you cast is normally an embarrassing thing for a fishermen. They will tend to blame a faulty reel or some other equipment snafu on the reason as to why they snagged something when attempting to cast. I no longer experience this embarrassment with my faulty casts. People are very aware of my ability to snag stuff a lot when casting so usually they choose to fish somewhere else.

I once went fishing in Virginia where I knew nobody. As soon as I showed up people started whispering and packed up and left. They must of got word about my snagging abilities.